CO2 Oil Ratio to MCT mix?


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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, or if it's been asked already and I missed the tread.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the Mix Ratio from a Pound of CO2 Supercritical oil to MCT oil for vape pens? Also, if you might know the main difference between MCT oil vs the vape industry-standard of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol mix? I understand that MCT is coconut oil, but if it's such a game-changer how come none of the vape oil producers haven't changed to this oil?

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I've tried it...
Coconut oil tastes awful in a vape-it doesn't
vaporize- it burns, and produces awful tasting smoke.
Not something that can be hidden with flavoring...
@Herbinizer MCT oil is basically a refined coconut oil. PG and VG are water soluble liquids - NOT oils. You DO NOT want to vape ANY type of oil (FECO, MCT, olive, 10W40, etc.) in a standard vaping device. Standard vaping devices are meant for water soluble liquids ONLY. Hence, the term "vaping" - turning a liquid into a vapor by means of heating the liquid up to a point that it becomes steam.
Thank you, your advice has been very helpful. Now if I can figure out the ratio part, if you happen to have any ideas please let me know. I tried to do per gram to gram base, however, it seems super light.
I've been researching it myself. It looks like PEG400 is a viable alternative to either VG or PG. Apparently, from what I've read so far, PEG400 can hold FECO (and other cannabis oils) suspended and can be vaped safely through normal vaping devices. I'll be making some FECO and trying this within the next couple of weeks. Money's tight right now, so I'm just waiting to have the funds for the ethanol to make the FECO. I already have the USP food grade PEG400 to mix it with.
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