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Turning kief into cannabis infused THC vape juice oil?

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So before i start i would like to apologise to admins and mods if i have placed this in the wrong section.

So iv read i can make thc infused vape juice from 5g of kief to 20ml of vegetable glycerin and 20ml of propylene glycol and let it infuse in the pan for a few hours ect.

My question is, i would like very strong vape juice, the bud it came from was fairly good, mixture of mostly amber trichomes, i have around 15g give or take a few g's, if i did 10g instead of 5 would it increase the strength by much or would it not be worth doing?

I can give an exact amount of grams weight tomorrow if anyone has any good ratios they could throw my way :).


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Not a lot of folks here on The vape train. Most don't have access. Sounds like your making an ejuice though not a vape cart. Pg and VG aren't that great of solvents. The PG is a good carrier though.

It will probably be really dirty and foul up your coils. It takes a little bit of work to polish an extract to ejuice viability and even more polishing for a vape cart.
If you don't mind buying new coils try it out it may work for you.
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Hello buddy!

Yes iv heard just use PG rather than the pair of them together so would that mean i would just double the one amount to 40ml total of PG to 5g of kief do you think?

Iv got a friend that buys it pre-made just like what im attempting to be doing but the guy who makes it wont tell anyone how or what the ratio is, my friend has changed his coil twice since using it and been through a fair amount of G's but he did say the first coil was a run of the mill coil, the 2nd coil he has put in cost more but he said the extra money is really worth it, he said he can push the coil to at most 4 weeks which hes happy with.

So PG alone will be okay then?

Thanks for the reply buddy!


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It's personal preference. Just like regular ejuice. VG is for clouds PG is the carrier but it's more harsh. The flavored ejuice I run is like 70/30 vg/pg.

50/50 would be a good starting point. I wouldn't go more than 45/55 vg/pH I think it would be really harsh but that's only a guess. And again a personal preference deal.

What kind of tank are you running?
I have a great deal of interest in this, unfortunately i was doing my own experiments this weekend. My goal is to consume everything this glorious plant has to offer me. Creating a THC rich vape juice is a component of my end process. would be kind of backwards, but i can post what i have learned here as well?
When i began all of this i had no idea what vaping was or even what an ecig was lol but we learn as we go.
Here's my set up in a nutshell, I'll go into more detail and specifics later.

I use a Vtower vape by Arizer, its great. its utilizes a whip system and glass parts. For nostalgia i sometimes pull out the Hoss or RooR but normally it's Vtower all day all the time. I'm Canadian so when it comes to solvents my choices are few. So i went ISO, it meets my needs for both cleaning and extraction. I use the ISO to clean all my glass and materials and tools with it. Always save your ISO!! oh and for my southern friends don't use de-natured alcohol, not sure why just don't do it!

My Iso turns a brilliant gold colour from cleaning. Once the alcohol slows in the cleaning proscess, meaning that its posably saturated, put the ISO in the freezer for 24 hours. It could go longer i'm sure. The ISO is then passed though a filtration vac system to remove particulate.

The ISO then goes into a closed loop evaporation system by extract-craft, The Source. Four ounces at a time, it removes the alcohol and captures it for reuse. This can be achieved by placing in glass pan and left until it's scrapings. Or one could pass it through a vac filtration system each day to remove particulate. one could even put it into the freezer for another 24 hours and polish it again. your choice

OH Boy...
We now have a concentrate how concentrated is anyone's guess. I am saving several of these to combine them and create eJuice with it. I have been trying different carts at different points in the process and the biggest issue that i have faced is particulate. So filter filter filter!
Preferably you will start with a winterized BHO or distillate. It works best with the waxes and fats removed. For a solvent use terpens and not VG or PG. The stuff they sell on Amazon are not real terpens dirived from cannabis but they work and improve the flavor. And the type of cartrige is everything. I like the 510 thread disposable ceramic heating type or the pods with ceramic heating. Don't even bother with the wire coil kind. The small cartriges work best as the very largest ones start to get a nasty flavor before they are spent. For me medicinally it is easier to deal with vape oil than bud. If you like the Juul device there is a company that makes empty pods that can be filled that work pretty well. My big issue is finding an easy and inexpensive way to winterize the BHO. Even so buying distillate from a dispensary in a syringe is still less expensive than buying prefilled vape cartridges.
Why preferably? I don’t understand why I would turn my Kief into hash and then into ejuice. I’m trying to utilize an excessive amount of Kief by turning it into ejuice. Distillate is great, but it is far to expensive a cost to turn into ejuice, when a dab’ll do ya. Don’t want to be a downer...

I do have an update tho...
We now have a concentrate how concentrated is anyone's guess. I am saving several of these to combine them and create eJuice with it. I have been trying different carts at different points in the process and the biggest issue that i have faced is particulate. So filter filter filter!

So I’ve learned a few things since last posting. First, many juicers would explain to you that the juice is like a fine wine, it needs to be aged. This is done two ways, before or after the filter. Think about that a second. Before the particulate is filtered out. Most juicers would also give you their ratio of VG to PG, many would say go 50/50. I say you figure it out, look and read there’s to much information to put in one post. The recipes are out there, go forth and forage and find one. We can wait.

Vegetable glycerin can be purchased at any pharmacy anywhere just ask the pharmacist for it or to order it. They can order the pg as well, don’t accept their excuses, they can do it. Ok so PG and VG, the recipe and some Kief, you also have everything you need for flavour. Or go plain up to you.

Some might think that we are going to need a solvent, we actually don’t. In order to reduce cost and the idiot factor I’m going to provide several options here with different kitchen tools and a very specific set of kitchen equipment. This will take several posts unfortunately.

My pain issues are in my hands and arms, sometimes they just stop working, like now. Sorry I can’t finish this right now... ‍


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My vape juice has been "perfected" over the last year or so. Most potent I've ever had by far and simple.
I use all of my trim and blast with butane to make wax/dabs. Then after I have quality wax I use wax liquidizer and mix 1gr of wax to every 1ml of wax liquidizer. Never separates, mixes in minutes and will knock your socks off! I have my own special added process in the middle of those 2 steps but that's the basics.