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Everyone gets pests, no matter how hard you try. (until i get my double door sanitized grow room :p [jk])

Was best discovered on a indoor grow that one plant got infested with spider mites. it wasnt the worst case we had seen but one plant lower leafs had webs formed so we had to act fast. with that specific garden being all organic we were not wanting to trust the "natural sprays" with 99.0% other ingredients.. so to begin

We pulled that plant from that garden instantly and separated it to its own location for ill plants. we then treated it heavily with :

5 Habanero peppers (the little orange real hot guys)
[chopped up and minced very fine, seeds, white membrane, green stem, and pepper]
1 teaspoon of Dr Bronners Peppermint soap (if not Dr Bronners, ask for recommendation and i will search for best in your area)
[you do not want to go to heavy with the soap, but this soap specifically will coat a layer of oily fat over the guys and peppermint is not favored to them as they breath through their bodys]
1 liter of pH water

the reason for the habaneras you will find while brewing this concoction together. (NOT RECOMMENDED) put your head over it and your eyes will burn will hurt to breath and the smell is suffocating. the spider mites as well as other small insects breath through their excoskeleton which the habanera is equivalent to us humans taking a acid bath, the soap added will slow them down and suffocate them as well. you will have to do this treatment at least once a day for the first 2-3 days then one every other day for a week to kill the eggs and hatch lings. This is also good for any type of pest (deer, cat, bird) that likes to eat plants, this will be one of the hottest plants they have decided to take a bite of.

now to start :

take a pan of water with 1-2 liters of water inside
*turn stove top to LOW heat
place minced pepper inside the water
*let it sit there for 20-30 minutes, do not let it get to hot as it will cook out the chemical your searching for.
poor 1 teaspoon of Dr Bronners Peppermint soap into your preferred spray bottle.
*once the pepper water has cooled down to room temp, funnel it into the spray bottle and do not poor on hands, open cuts will let you know if you did.

make sure to coat under the leafs heavily, dont be affraid to soak the plant entirely, however if you do either lift your lights for a hour away from the plants (i recommend) or wait till your lights are about to kick off (others will recommend)

after we sprayed the seperated plant down, i went back to the grow and started spraying every plant and every corner (soil, under flood mat, walls of room, tarps, under pots, everywhere) then a couple hours later i started inspecting every plant and spraying where they were found. specificly, noticing most of them were dead on contact and the others were hardly moving. so we sprayed them this time with just dr bronners peppermint water (the pepper spray will not hurt your plants as long as the light is lifted away from them.) the second day we didnt notice one mite moving but every mite we seen was dead. a day later we seen about a 1/4 of what we seen before and they were all much smaller, so we sprayed them again with the pepper/soap spray. after a week of watching them and switching between the pepper/soap spray and soap spray we had not noticed anymore mites. since we discovered this we have continued to use for the first month of veg to make sure no pests will harm the younglings, after the first month we switch to 100% pH water just to clean off any residue from the previous spray (this may sound time consuming and it is, but thats what it takes). the following 3 weeks after the first 2 months of veg we use some calcarb into the water spray.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a cheap, healthy, organic insecticide!

let me know your results and anything you decide to add to yours!
(chives, garlic, the list can go on)

Fiance woke up this morning and watered her outside garden

(about a month ago i took a clipping off a elderberry tree, placed it inside a controlled environment inside a 5 gallon bucket with a transparent lid)
this elderberry did great, as it is suppose to be hard to clone i managed to get it to root. we then planted it into its first home and placed it on the porch. its been out there for about 2-3 weeks and the fiance said the leafs were looking like they were dying, as i am gone most the time and when im home i am tending my ladys i assumed i took it out of my tent to early and should have let it root better first. this morning she woke up and noticed webs on her leaf, i went out and investigated it and sure enough, found these terrible critters under her leafs. so i hit it with some soap spray as it was pre made and i was on my way to the shop. she is in the process of making some pepper spray now for her outside plants, when i get home i will take a video as well as pics of me making the pepper spray and showing some before and after effects.


Edit : note that this elderberry most likely will die, she was freshly moved outside after rooting from a cutting. she was stressed and now is infested with mites. im not expecting it to recover but we will see. these updates and pictures are to show the mites dying and not progressing. should have no mites in 3 days tops.
I like the recipe, I'll totally try it out next time I'm having problems. This yard has seen more pests than I knew could plague weed.
Habaneros are brutal, I can't think of anything better to spray on those despicable bugs. ;)
I think I'll order that Dr. Bronners today. I've been looking for a good insecticidal soap, and peppermint is just a bonus.
apparently my elderberry photos were removed for some reason by the mods. i have sent in a reply asking why so waiting to see.
so confused.

im going to guess right now that since its not a cannabis plant they dont want it on their site? little confusing to me but i guess i could see that. the picture was used to show a point in my thread. without the pictures people will think im just blowing smoke pun intended. so look forward to a mod to reply to this or my email.

Stay green

thanks trichomes! i will have the pictures uploaded and added to off topic thread within no more then 24 hrs. will try to get them tonight but tomorrow for sure.

mod wrote me in a nice timely fashion and told me what i thought was the case. plants are not cannabis plants so need to be moved to off topic. getting on it.

thanks & your welcome, I also have an interest in high CBD low THC canna. my mother has severe back pain and no pill has helped it, she's old school, has never puffed, but I have eased her into the pssilbilty of her trying mediwana, cannabutter & edibles, I will check out your thread on CBD & reciprocate! :thumb:
not sure what u mean by chilli..

but yes, 100% know for a fact that habanera peppers and dr bronners soap will kill your spider mites instantly.

a heavy rinse with a straight spray will knock off any dead mites, poop, webbing, ect

follow up with the same spray for the next 2 days to a week after, your doing this to kill off any eggs that were laid as im almost positive this spray has no effect on the eggs.

when i get my pictures back up you will see it work on a elderberry plant that i just cured with this spray not more then a week ago. it took 2 days and not one spider mite is found, just a few small straggling webs that u can see slightly in the newest pictures, please know i wouldnt of said this is a for sure cure if i myself didnt know it worked. but like i mentioned, with this habanera spray, you will want to be full masked up, any cut open wound anything will tell you its exposed. my fiance leaves the entire building when i spray this because she cant even be upstairs when i spray. i also spray this on all cutting and spray throughout my veg cycle up till the last week before i bring into flower. that last week every day i spray with 100% RO water to wash off any pepper spray from the plant.


please, if you have spider mites.

make this spray and spray your plants one time, do not try to remove any of the spider mites, just lift the leaf and spray directly under the leaf coating the entire leaf. come back in a hr or two when it has dried off. look under the leaf, you will see that spider mite exactly where u left him, poke him with your finger nail, he wont move, try and grab him with your finger nail, and he is mush.. it will smear on your plant thats why i recommend to hit the leaf with a straight spray, as it pushes them off.
bhut jolokia would definitely work! those peppers are insano hot.

would have to wear a mask and gloves to use safely as gettin it into yer eyes would be realllll dangerous. even on skin makes it BURN for hours! no insect or mite could survive it mwahaha
ha i sat over dinner last night wondering what bhut jolokia was and wondering if you did a typo.

yea ghost pepper would most likely be like a nuclear bomb going off in your room. and would prolly linger much longer then habanera pepper.

but remember, these have to be juicy peppers, no dried or dehydrated. fresh from the veggie section, dice them up real good seeds and all. i actually ended up stumbling across a book that had a similar recipe i will upload to 420mag once i get this thread situated.

i will be aiming to have this thread moved to off topic and reposting my off topic pictures to this thread again. will do this tomorrow or monday. sundays tend to be my garden days so if i make it out for a hr or two ill post them. sorry for the delay.

about the Chilli post,

i was reading one of my herbal books and noticed that they have a spray similar to the one i have mentioned above but they say to use

chilli 20g fresh
10 red peppercorns
3 whole wild garlics or 5 garlic cloves if you cant find wild
3 cintronella leaves
3/4 fl oz mild odorless fluid soap
spray bottle

and like i mentioned above, there are many herbs you can add to your spray. i will be uploading pictures of my herb cabinet and the book i read this above information out of. both are off topic so will wait till i move thread. thanks everyone

Stay green 420mag

it will have an effect on the adult gnats but i dont believe it will effect the eggs, so you will have to keep applying to your soil every day for 3 days then once every 3 days for a week after to make sure larvae and young gnats will be killed before laying more eggs.

Gnat issues, ive found sand is the best defense against these. has many more beneficial benefits to it as well, but no bugs laying eggs in dry sand is the number one.

it will also suck the moister up from your soil (not sure how this works but it does) to test this theory, i watered 10g pots 24 hrs prior to laying sand over top of the soil. after a hour the entire layer of sand was wet, after 12 hrs you could see spots where water moister was thicker in the soil then other spots. so this will help your roots from rotting as well as allowing for the roots to grow to the very bottom surface of your sand.

all in all i think sand is the best application for soil pests. im sure there are many more benefits to the sand.

Sorry for the moving of the pictures everyone but i have moved all the pictures to an off topic thread.

Pictures For GFC Organic Insecticide


Edit : brief update, the plant has new growth on it, seems to have survived the early planting and the spider mites. the elderberry seems to have strong heart. will be posting new pictures of her tomorrow in my offtopic thread.
Add a little tobacco into it and you would up the efficacy...also the toxicity...

its rather hard to find clean tobacco which is why its not used or a recommendation. to many are made with pesticides, so if you want to add tobacco it would be similar to adding pesticides.

I'm in a constant battle with pests, growing outdoors. I have some pests on a plant that is about half way thru flowering (30 days left?)

How far into flower cycle would you sat that it is reasonable to administer this type of treatment?

here's some horror that I have, hopefully, put an end to, the caterpillars could still be hiding inside buds,

I inspect for any trace evidence, like poop, dead leaves or mold that quickly grows on any worm-damaged bud.

:thanks: again Gfc :nicethread:
wow, i cant thank you enough for rating this thread with 5 stars. :thanks:

i have a couple friends that did use this spray 24 days into flower, they had a spider mite/gnat problem and was finding dead gnats on their nugs as well as mites making their way to the top of the plant.

they were able to control most the mist from the sprayer onto the effected leafs, however this raises humidity as well as moisture does get past onto the buds. so they added extra fans and kept the heat controlled so it wouldnt go hot then cold or cold then hot.

so with this said, i would have to say the spray can be used during flower but depends on the air flow and how big the flowers are. ive read online of similar home made sprays being used during late flower with no effect but do not have a experience with it myself.

i would love to know how it works, (i recommend spraying one section of one of your plants) for now.

1st you can see if it effects the caterpillars. i do know that caterpillars only breathe once every few hours and they do so by moving their bodys. the expanding and contracting of their body is what pulls in oxygen. so if you were able to get them when they were breathing i could see their internal system going into shock and failing over a period of time. but if they dont breathe when its first applied and dont breathe for a couple hours after then it may have little to no effect.

2nd you can see if that area of spray will start to mold or create fungus.

growing outside that can all depend on the weather you have. (heat and air mainly)

these plants are outside naturally and towards the end of their flower season it occasionally rains, so i feel that a slight mist wont hurt as long as no sudden change in temp and a nice wind breeze.

please test this on a section of your plant if you can and let us know the results.

i recently just came home around 9pm and checked on my fiance's outside garden as i try to everynight. i noticed the broccoli closest to our front door looked like she had been eating on the leafs. so before even going in and taking my after work rip and shower i was stopped dead in my tracks, i knew something was going on and the pest hadnt left yet. i found two piles of lil black poop, i looked above the piles and there was a lil green caterpillar eating away (eating and pooping where they sleep) jeesshh.. anyways i removed that caterpillar and was positive he wasnt the only one doing damage. i called the fiance out so she could see what i noticed (shes a first year gardener with veggies) showed her what evidence showed me there was a pest, what showed me what to look for, and how to find them. we ended up discovering 20-30 caterpillars all tucked in every corner and section of her two brocoli plants. so we hand removed those 30 and have been spraying it with my homemade spray (that she adds diff herbs to every time) its been around 4 days no and not one has returned.

so i didnt try it on the caterpillars as i hand removed them and sprayed entire plant. if i come across this again myself i will test this. i should have sprayed a caterpillar to see the effect but im a nature guy, if i can ill save all life. except spider mites, cancer of the plant world.

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