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Cost to set up a Grow Room


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I've been going over the set up cost of my grow room and was surprised at how much I've spent. I think it would be a good help to someone thinking about setting up a grow room to have an idea of what it's gonna cost.

There's a lot of stuff that you need and it all adds up. Lights, bulbs, timers, power strips, extension cords, fans, nutrients, grow medium, ph tester, water pumps, air pumps, mylar.......on and on, etc.

So how much can someone expect to spend, realistically, to set up a grow room?

I'm gonna go over some numbers and figure out my setup cost......


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It's not really impossible to state a ballpark figure. I would say for my little grow room I've spent somewhere in the $1200 - $1500 range. That's for a 3' X 5' growing area.


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I guess the question is this ----> Do you grow?? If so, How much would you say it cost you to set everything up?

Along with cost of set up, maybe a square footage or number of plants so a person could get an idea of what others have been able to do.


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I know my yearly cost is around 300-400
and I can scrape by on 100/yr,
not counting 20-30/mth Elec.

My 2-3 yr. would include a change of HID bulbs
maybe floro ballast or just new fixtures

have 2 veg areas 4x5-8
flower area is 5X18, was like 8 but I upgraded
perpetual on a weekly harvest cycle of 1-2 plants

low odor strains, no air filters needed at 20 flowering plants
anymore than that and it gets pretty stincky and I'd need another upgrade.

Initial setup,
14 shop lights @ 10-15ea,
bought at 2-4 at a time of a 6 month period.
depending if they were on sale, 140-200
tubes, 40 part of yearly cost
Hid lights 400
hanging hardware and line/rope/cordage, 40
containers 80
soil 15 per 3 cft, 45 part of yearly cost
ferts and pest control 45 part of yearly cost
First yr. 850 -1000 for 130sqFt of growin' area
i'm sure I forgot somethin' or it was free :)

Biggest cost is HID for flowering
and that is 3-4 months after startUp


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My first grow cost around 300 I think, and that was 4 plants, but I was working at a greenhouse at the time and was able to get a lot of things such as dirt(ripped bags are free), Pots, nutrients(organic at that), and many other things at reduced cost. 100 on the flowering light and about 60 on veg lights. So about 240 on everything else including power strips and such. I'm going to build a cabinet for my next grow and use CFL's in a SCRoG, I think it will cost around 200 to set it all up. I did a lot of shopping around before I started growing to find things that I needed at a lower cost. You can price things out and figure out roughly the initial cost. My research during the process showed me things that I needed to buy through out the grow that I now either already have or know that I need to buy again for the next time around. The first time teaches you more than you can learn from reading any book.


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There is no way to calculate the cost without know exactly how many plants, size of room, Soil, hydro, or Areo, quality of equipment, strains,

IMO it will cost vastly different for every person and every situation.

I have spent thousands to get set up right. (I.E. It cost me 300 bucks today alone............ just for some seeds)

Put it this way........................It'll cost far more than you think to do it right. Of course, it can be spread over months and alot of it is a one time cost until wear and tear takes its toll. And, there is a learning curve that tends to make you spend more at first till you find what works best.

It can be done fairly cheap or very expensive depending on the goal.

Pirate Out.


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I set up a closet space 3x7 with a 400 watt hps.{$210}With all the stuff.I figure I spent$500.Of course i dont charge for slaving distilled water up the stairs.


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1 switchable ballast 210$
1 HPS ballast 100$
Hood 50$
Metal Halide bulb 40$
HPS bulb hortilx- 80$
Fans 30$
Nutrients 1 gallon of bloom,veg,micro 75$
Fox Farm Big Bloom 15$
pH tester 40$
PPM meter 50$
pH down/up 10$
Rainforst 66 240$
Fish Air Pumps 30$ all together
Cloning Equip 25$
Extra Little things 25$ (prolly missing some stuff)

Im sure I'm missing stuff, theres just too much junk ive aquired. Oh yah one thing im missing flourescent light equip, about 30$ additional on them. SO whats my total on a 3ft x 5ft x 6ft ht. space? : ( And I consider my small ops ghetto.

Growing requires some dinero people thinking of starting, don't be fooled.

WOW 1100$ on a project originally ment to be 300$---and my grow room is a closet that basic basic, and needs improvements on ventilation--


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Wow cool, I appreciate the feedback. I have read a lot of posts about how you can set up a grow room for real cheap, but usually they don't take the whole operation into account.

Thanks stix...yours was one of the grow rooms I was really interested in knowing about. I went through your whole thread about building your hydroponic grow room....very informative.


Ok, here goes for a dresser cabnet.

Dresser $30 (cheap from a friend with a deal for some smokage)
Ballast $200
Hood $50?
MH Bulb $90
HPS bulb $50
Seeds $80
Mylar $25
Glass $20
Particle board $30
Nails/screws/washers/etc $10
Fan $25
Drill bits $10
Ducting $10
Braces $15
Soil $20
Timer $25
Power adaptor for fan $25

Future additions already planned/dreamed about.
Rubber lining to reduce vibrations and noise ?$30?
Cool tube reflector ?$100?
CO2 system ?$200?
Rheostat for fan ?$20?

Wow, no wonder I haven't been able to buy weed lately. Could end up being about a grand overall, but I should be self relient on my own weed for ever really.


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My first grow closet was about $200. I think i'm gonna go for a 600 watt hps system next setup. I was constantly thinking i didn't have enough light with 6 shop lights.


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my 1st setup cost roughly around 550-700,.

you dont want to go too crazy for your 1st time around.
thats usually a newbie mistake :p


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dropped another 59 bucks today for some lights, CFLs, Ducting and another 80 something bucks a few days ago to re-fill my nutrients and for some cloning supplies.....LOL just reminded me of those credit card commercials......

400 W HPS ....... $350.00
white widow seeds ....... $50.00
Electric Bill ....... $150.00

Quarter Pound of the best weed you've ever smoked............Priceless



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Next time i'm gonna grow indoors in soil.I spent $500 on lights,fans,submersible pumps,ph stuff,ec tester etc growing hydro and only got about 2 ozs. of really good smoke.When i add in distilled water,maybe $400-OUCH!!,it gets kinda expensive,even tho it was my first try.But,the lessons i learned were priceless...
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