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Crazy Soil Aeration Question?


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well i will be trying this in something similar.

im going to have a water bottle with soil in it, and drowned with water. also an airstone. i will have a plant in no soil just water, and another in hydro nutes and water.

the purpose is to see how the liquid soil does in compairson with the hydro nutes, and also the water one will be a control group.

call me crazy! but i love these freak tests i do. i wont be using weed as a plant though. too valuable.


i use aquarium air pump for and injecting the air into the soil because many tree grown like crazy in nature when its standing on the side of the cliff...every day breeze air push from below to up..so i copying nature.


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They're called airdomes mate. Coco growers use them all the time. Get scary good results.
I've also tried putting small airstones in a hempy and that works well too.
Not something I've ever seen done in soil though. Not sure if there's a reason for it but I certainly can't think of one. Would eleviate your risk of over watering somewhat I'd imagine too seeing as those problems actually come from a lack of oxygen.
Do 2 clones and try something on one of them. Won't be exactly scientific but be close enough.
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