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Cupcake clone dome!


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I found an awesomely random item for a clone dome! I was thrift store hunting ( great place for grow gear in nor cal for some reason :Rasta:) looking for a small fish tank to turn into a clone terrarium when I saw this on the shelf and it spoke to me!

The clones are a week old tomorrow, had been out of the dome for about 30 minutes in the picture. I have them on a heating mat, adjacent to my bearded dragon to share his lights :high-five:

First attempt at cloning, so I’m not expecting a whole lot. I did follow some good tutorials though, so I have faith that at least a few will take :thumb:


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That's a great idea! I was laughing out loud to this because my wife is a baker. We have a few of these. One of them may end up missing in the future...
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