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Dankplant's Dank Plants 2014 DWC Journal


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Hey there 420 fam! And welcome to my 2nd journal :welcome:
This time around i have 5 beautiful babies. 2 taken from the Wapai 'O Hapa (Hawaiian heirloom sativa) and 3 off of my lovely Dakini Kush plant. Both mothers were grown from seeds purchased from Centennial Seeds in CO. now for the deets:
Strains: Wapai 'O Hapa- Sativa dominant/ Dakini Kush- Indica dominant.
Veg/Flower: They're in veg, been there about a week.
Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Soil/hydro: DWC hydro. Shared 25 gal tub for veg, individual 5 gal buckets for flower.
Room Temp: 70-75 during the day, 60-65 at night.
PH: between 5.7 and 6.2
Nutes: nothing but a little CalMg so far, will be adding GH flora line once they're rooted.
Lights: CFL's for veg, 400w HPS for flower.


There they are! hope to get a couple of ya along for the ride :party:


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Hi Dank, I'm sub'd, the clones look good. In the last couple of pics though, the plants look like they have flowers already? do my eye deceive me? ;)


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Hey there! should have some pics for ya'll tomorrow, broke my camera and i've been super busy so i haven't been able to get any updates taken care of :/ I topped the 3 that i'll be flowering about a week ago and they've been taking off since then. the 2 in the back i'm gonna leave alone and use them as mothers. Have a great day erryone :ganjamon:

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