DP Mazar - NFT - 1800W HPS - 240X120 Tent


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:eek:ldtoker: hallo again, just finished the nl x haze grow in a wllma, now the fun starts again.
DP mazar in NFT , happy days.this time iam going to add 3rd 600, hps,
went to a friends house to nite and took the clones, they are now in there place for 2 weeks.
2 x GT 100 nft tanks i will pick up tomorrow. I have biltong hanging in my tent for the ext 5 days. yum yum,got some pics of clones i took will post in a bit. they under a 200w clf in a heated propagator in one inch rock wool blocks. and have had some clonex.once they root they will be going under 600,s and put in the gt100 ,s then its sit back and do it all again. happy days.
Looking fantastic as always stop! Is that SCROG netting I see?

na buddy just the nets i use to hold me plants up. just before cropping i remove the nets and the plants just fall over. the nets work a treat.at holding them up.

That is sure enough impressive. It looks a little like Ebb and Flow. Granted I don't see it in operation and everything is a guess and wonder. Are the nutrients always accessible to the roots?

I like that the complete system can be bought. Mine is made with 6" and 3" PVC. Also have recycling Hempy with three 3 gallon buckets. Tomatoes are growing in the buckets. Lettuce in the nft. Germinating some Pak Choy now for the nft. 7 plant sites in the 6" pvc nft and 4 have Adrianna Bib lettuce. Also growing Tabasco pepper plant in 1.5 gallon hempy. Seed was from pepper from last year's plant grown in herb garden.

Can't wait to see your progress. :goodluck:

Excited to see your technique doing well for you. Green Growing vibes your way.

we are rooted., happydays,popped them into 4 inch rock wool blocks.(ph5.9 ec 0.1) they will now be left under the 200w clf for a few days untill the roots show through the 4 inch blocks. then they will be put on to the nft trays and under a raised 600 hps,after 2days ,the second 600 will be switched on. and two days after that the 2 x 600 will be lowered to just above the plants. then the rapid growth will commence,and off we go. the 3rd 600 will be switched on when needed. i will fill both nft res,s 24 hours before they are put in.
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