Female needing to pass test! I've got two weeks.


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I'm a female, 5'6 126 lbs, needing to pass a test in two weeks. Prior to today I smoked multiple times a day. I have every intention of working out for 1 hr/day with the exception of 48 hours before the test. What else can I do to decrease the levels in my urine? Will two weeks be enough to test negative at my weight? I'm in pretty good shape but have a little bit of stomach/thigh/butt fat.

I've lost 5 lbs in the last month, while smoking. Will that make it worse for me?

I'm looking to clean myself out, not use a quick day-of-fix (aside from drinking water).

I appreciate any and all help! Most posts have been about guys, and bigger gents at that.
Are you a heavy heavy heavy smoker?? I would suggest working out definitely the more you sweat the better. Drink LOTS of water too and maybe even green tea Arizona green tea is good for detoxifying!! I used to take Jazz Total Detox and pass ... it gives you a 5 hour window of being clean. Two weeks is cutting it short ... try not to smoke. I'm dealing with Saliva testing now.
hi from london... thats must be a pain in the .... how often do u guys get tested, i work on site where every now and then we get a random test, but our boss is one of the good ones, he comes to us the day befour and just says you guys are off sick tomorrow so we miss it,, he's cool
high from cali. well i get urine tested every month to be able to stay in school

you just got to not use for does two weeks and excersice and drink water

but u dont want to over do it with the water yea drink green tea will help

but not that much. am a guy and am 5'4 weight 200 pounds i dont excersice

i just stop smoking for 2 weeks and take some pills call Niacin flush ill help

but u got to stop using and take them 1 every 3 hours and drink water and

excersice and you'll be able to pass your test. you can tell if the Niacin flush

are helping because when you take a shit they smell way worst then your regular shits. also drink cranberry.
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