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First Grow - Indoor - Beatrix Choice - Haze - Soil - 900W LED


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Well, the title gives my basic info. I have never grown before, except for my vegetable garden and house plants, and mushrooms of all kinds, for about the last 4 years or so. I am very excited to try my hand at MMJ!

I will try to get everyone up to date quick since I am about 6 1/2 weeks from seed and 4 1/2 weeks in veg (give or take a week, I didn't keep track well).

5x5x7 Tent
900W Top LED Grow light
Plant is already in final pot, 10 gallon, fabric with 1/2 Happy Frog and 1/2 Ocean Forest mix
Oscillating fan inside the tent, I run for 2 days on, 1 day off
No active ventilation going through the tent, but I leave a high vent and low vent open.
Been on 16/8 light schedule (my bill was only 26$ more than previous month :thumb:)

The seed started on a peat pellet in a small greenhouse next to a window for about 2 weeks while my tent and LED were in the mail. Right now they have been on the 16/8 schedule for 4 weeks or so. I FIM'd twice, early on, but once she started branching, I have just held back and let it grow. I say her because I am pretty sure sex is showing on the 2nd node, a nice orange hair. From what I have read and looked at, I was sure enough to throw her into the 10 gallon pot a few days ago. The plastic pot is a 3 gallon, and the fabric pot is the 10 gallon.

Like I said, this is my first grow ever, so please give me any and all advice. You can not offend me!!! I take all comments as constructive criticism. Well, I've rambled long enough, here are the pictures.

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Re: Xx First grow of my life! Indoor, Beatrix Choice/Haze in soil under 900W LED xX

Looks like you got some Ph problems. On some of the pics it looked like you have some dead leafs on soil. Be very careful if there are any leafs on soil that can make mold real quick and with using hot soil aka soil with heavy nutes will burn leafs when watering . Other then that she is getting big.


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Thanks CO, in my help thread from earlier I noted a few problems but will add them here into the log.

I fertilized too early, then got nute burn and lost the first pair of true leaves pretty early. I flushed and left it alone, but then had over water problems.

When I transferred into the 3 gallon, I used 1/2 FFOF and 1/2 Happy Frog. I wasn't adding nutes at the time, but I think the soil gave a little too much because I had the beginnings of nitrogen toxicity at that time. Adding to my problems, when I was watering, I didn't water enough to flush the soil really at all, and I think the roots were beginning to become oxygen starved.

All this time, I was using softened water and not even thinking about it, but later realized it has added sodium from the softener. Throughout this time, my tap water was going into the pot around 7.0, but runoff was down around 5.5 if I remember correctly.

Just about 3 days ago, I bypassed my water softener and flushed with 8 gallons of straight well water. Using this water, my pH out of the tap was around 6.8, and my runoff at the end of the flush was around 6.2. I still haven't added any nutes.

In the picture with the LST started, I did that about 30 minutes before I took it. Also, my humidity has been around 30%, and my temps pretty steady between 73F and 77F. Any more suggestions???

Oh, and thanks to whoever took the extra punctuation off my title. I had a few too many beers last night, normally I don't add that crap in my titles, I thought about it later and regretted it.


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Here's the update today. I adjusted a few of the wires for LST, so some still look turned down or sideways. They were all turned nice and upright when I first checked today.

Looks like more hairs.

Here's another seedling of the same genetics, some older leaves are a little beat up from the water/pH issue I mentioned, but the new growth is looking better.


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So you gonna stick with the straight well water? Plants are looking good. You're lucky to get that ph from a well. Mine is good well water, but it's ph is around 8.2
As long as they keep looking good, I will keep the well water. The only issue I might have would be high minerals in the straight well water. AFAIK high minerals are better than sodium in the water from the softener, and yeah, I was happy with my pH of straight well water.


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Here are some pictures from tonight. The pictures were after the light when off, so colors are a little truer than some earlier ones.

What do you guys think of the slight downcurling of the tips, and the yellow on them? Most of the yellow is on the newer growth, it is a very small amount, but noticable.


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Well, here are some updated pictures from yesterday and today. After a bunch of readin on this site, I decided to chop off a bunch of fan leaves and give the rest more light and air movement. I didn't chop every single fan leaf, but most. I also topped it to hopefully slow her down and let the seedling catch up a little, since I don't have anywhere to veg separately I wish I started more seeds in the beginning, but I am sure it will all work out.
Here are pics from before the defoliation.



Here is after, and some clones I made from the top and a couple of fan leaves.



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looking good ReDoze... personally i would cut a few more fan leaves and give that main cola a nice LST as well. just my opinion.


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looking good ReDoze... personally i would cut a few more fan leaves and give that main cola a nice LST as well. just my opinion.
Thanks, I have been trimming the extra large fans that block lower budsights but was wanting to wait for another week or so of 12/12 before I do another heavy trim.

It might be hard to tell but I think I should have about 4 main colas since I fimmed and topped earlier in life. I have been waiting to see how much she stretches now in flower, because I have another 18" or more that I could raise the lights. I will gladly LST the tops, but I am waiting just a little bit longer.

Thanks for the suggestions. Please critique away, I am here to learn!


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Sorry but just to clarify, is it now 1500w total LED?

And how far above the plant to do you have your light? I'm about to start my first LED grow

But looking good, I'm keen to see some flowering

Good luck :high-five:


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Yep, now 1500W from LED. I am about 18" above the plants. I will try to get some pics tomorrow that show lights and height and everything.

1500w should create a nice yield. Waitin for pics
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