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My first grow ever and really need some help with a few .. got no idea what strain I am growing (seed bag) :)
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Q - outdoor grow..which month is harvest give or take in SA...
Q - anyone in Gauteng.. getting a lot of rain & wind.. will this damage flowering?
Q - how often.. does one increase nutes during flowering.
Really green guys would appreciate some feedback
You are having a great first grow!
What month? No answer for that outdoors really Leappy. If the season stays good to grow then keep them going until they get bigger. Looks like weeks to go by my eyes. Do you have a way to look at trichomes like with a loop or a little scope? That's how I tell. You can tell other ways like when the pistols on the buds go mostly from white to brown or orange/red.
Rain and wind. Rain can make your buds rot when they get fat. Folks cover them at night and in the rain when they start to get fat. In my garden bud rot starts in individual nugs on the bud. If I can reach it I cut it off and prevent it from spreading. Covering them to keep them from always being wet when they're fat helps. Wind. If they don't blow away they're fine. Tie them down if you have to.
Increasing nutes during flowering should be on the nute directions?
Good luck, can't wait to see them finish.
Wow nice plant !!have the roots on the plant actually grown outside the pot and down into the soil below it ?
Surprisingly very little I think. When I picked the pot up after I chopped her It came right up. I could hear a little root tearing so yes. The root ball was solid as a rock with roots. It's Tutankhamon.
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