First Grow - Strawberry Ice - White Queen - AK47


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Day 20 I started late but so far so good.
Lights 6 42 watt 6500k 2800 lumens 6 23 watt 1600 lumens for veg. I want something better for flowering.

Soil fox farm ocean forest
Nuts fox farm trio.

Grow room right now is 4×6 but may expand my down stairs is around 4000 sq foot of unused space.

This is my first grow and hoping for the best!
I'm on my first grow as well and like you I chose to use the fox farms products. What strength are you feeding at? Are these autos or photo periods. I am loving the results of the fox farms products and happy I chose them for my first grow. I am subscribed to your thread so I can compare results. If you get a chance bounce by my grow and take a look. Maybe we can help each other out with lessons learned. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas! I'm glad I went with fox farms also! I'm using full strength I have been doing exactly what the feed schedule says and so far so good for a beginner! I have 2 white queen photos 2 stawberry ice photos and 2 ak47 extm autos. I'll help any way I can and definitely check out your grow!
I was to worried about nutrient burn to try full strength due to all I've read about fox farms being hot. I am now feeding at 75% and they are doing great I will feed them a couple times and if all goes well I am going a 100% also. I have some auto blue tooth and auto critical thunder I am going to grow next so I will be following you for pointers. I do like the photos though. That strawberry ice sounds like an awesome strain. Is it a Sativa or indica.
Great stuff pal I'm at the end of my 1st grow of a mix of autos keep up the good work

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Thanks! 100% notes and no Nute burn on any plants so far the strawberry ice is a 50-50 hybrid I'll get some pics of her up tomorrow she's pretty lol
Thanks! I'm trying my best for the girls! I can't wait to get the 1200 watt led it should be here in a few days!
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