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first homemade grow box


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Hey 420

Just wanted to post a couple of pics of my homemade box i built. This is my second attempt to try and grow a plant but we'll see how this one goes.

The items i used were two cat litter buckets together for the shell as far as my lighting goes i have 3 14w cfl evq=40w 1 tube cfl 13w cool blue i think, for ventilation i have one small 12v pc fan for outake

So if anyone has some advice on wht should be my lighting if i should have more lights and if i need a intake fan .

Thanks everybody

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Sweet. Every time I think I seen it all I am once again surprised on another diy build. Well done. Keep it growing green.


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Well im not experience on wht im doing im just putting things together and see how it goes i have no knowledge of growing but i just look for info but i installed another. Bulb 42w evq=100w i need another fan for intake


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first pics it sproupted but i burn it so i had let it dry out soil then fed it day before yesterday and started second set of leafs then i watered it by noon today came home and it grew alot so im thinking itll pull through


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Hey guys sorry I haven't posted anything but ive been really busy with life and work but everything is understand control but back on topic.

well I had put two cat litter buckets together but I took it down and started single one the first plant is still growing its by itself in one cat litter bucket under a 42w evq=120w cfl and it growing with that light


I had another seed under the same light it popped 5/19


then yesterday I planted another seed in a plastic bottle it popped lastnight


those two are under 3 14w=evq 42w cfl bulbs.........

I was gonna ask if the light im using are ok for now and I brought a 3 shelf bookcase for growing cabinet still drawing up and thinking what I can do


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hey 420 how it going sorry I haven't posted been busy but keeping up with my girls
well plant #1 is growing like crazy until two days ago I started to notice that her leaves were pointing upwards and the tips of the leaves yellowish not big or nothing but worried cause this my first mirco grow but here some pics of the plant #1




and this is the second plant that was growing with it grew some what



like I said the first one u cant really see the tips but ill post more pics later on but if anyone knows why or anything let me kno so I can take care of my girls the leaves are bending upwards make a "v" like shape and the tips have yellowish.

I read and read around but there's two ideas of what it is one said that its nothing that the plant is happy nothing to worry about but then I read that it could be a m defiencey however u spell it

so like I said edvice or knowelge
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