First Stealth Grow Box! Need Some Help!


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Hi everyone! I'm building my first growbox and this will also be my first time growing! So I was really hoping to get some help from the community to answer some of my questions! I will post pictures of every steps with mesures and what I use so it might help other new grower such as I. The main aspects I want to focus on are Yield and Stealth! The cabinet will be in my garage but i wanna make sure the kids wont find it!

I'm planning to use a old cabinet that look like this ! (I made it with Google Sketchup, I will update the sketch and post a link to download it later). The inside will be covered in reflective mylar.


I plan on using auto-flower Northern Light seeds and Soils for my first grow (Might try Hydro later on if everything works fine)

The cabinet is already split in 2 parts so I would like to use the right one for the Carbon filter/wires/etc or maybe use the space as a drying place.

My first questions :

Space : With the size of the box, how many plants can I grow at the same time?

Airflow : I plan on having 4 passive intake at the bottom. and at least 1 or 2 active intake. I do have at hand 2x 80mm fan and 2x 120mm fan with a speed controller. Would it be enough?

Exhaust : Does 1x 120mm fan as exhaust is enough? I want to use a Carbon filter (walmart made) or buy one, depending on my needs. Any ideas about the filter??

Lighting : At first I was thinking CFL ... cheap and easy! How many bulbs would I need for every plants? sorry for the basic questions... first time growing! I've also been looking at a Full Spectrum 36w LED Grow Light

How should I install the exhaust (filter&fan) to maximise space in the grow area?

That's about it for now! I hope you guys can help me get started! :thanks:
Cant wait to get it started!
I would say with a growing space that size you will get a max of 2 plants and you will have to do some lst by tying down the branches to keep them low. You don't want to cut an auto flower. I would use cfl for sure because you don't have enough head space for hid or led. With 2 plants you will need somewhere between 150-200w of cfl (not equivalent watts). As far as you ventilation and filtration goes I can't help much because I used a 200 cfm fan with a carbon can filter. But you don't need carbon filters until you get well into flowering. They don't start to smell until about 3/4 the way through.
My tent is 53" in height. Only 40 it you take into account the hydro buckets and where I have to place the top lighting. I'm going with A modified flux train. I just found out about this that's why I have to modify it. It's topping the plant very young just as it gets I think 2-3 nodes and the letting the two new dominate shoots how horizontal for a while and then up. Seemed simple enough and the guy hat did it yielded liked 450g aka a pound really. And said he could've done better. I was like Damnnnn smokey!!!

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thx for the advice mate! For my first grow i'll do as you said.. 2 plants with CFL and LST! It should be easier for me as my first grow ever!
Here a little update :)

Will lightproof when I cover the inside with mylar!

still work to do and stuff to figure out!

Left side : 80mm active intake ... planning to drill holes in corner for passive too. Will add more bulbs, waiting to receive Y spliter,

120mm exhaut fan to the right side.

Right side: There's also a 120mm fan (will add carbon filter there) to pull air outside... still need to figure this out .. ???

Thx for checking out :)
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