1. Lungbutterorbs

    My seeds are here!

    Finally! My 100$ bandaids came in, Gotta love discreet shipping... Anyways, I had a buddy who grew Vortex a couple years back from Subcool so I figured I'd trust them my first go here. They were out of the vortex, must be a favorite for very obvious reasons so i grabbed Jesus OG, what Subcool...
  2. Lungbutterorbs

    Curing for taste

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me out here with this question and Im sure there are multiple ways to go about this.. I'm looking to obtain a nice taste and aroma with my buds. Assuming genetics are on par, grown in soil using organic nutes, and I have no budget cap(lol working on...
  3. G.I_Grow

    Glad to finally be involved

    Hey everyone, just introducing myself to the community. Have been a long time lurker but have finally taken steps to grow my own medicine. Currently nearing the end of my first grow which i will plug in the appropriate thread soon enough. I was super intrigued and excited after my physician...
  4. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  5. B

    Don't wanna be no noob

    About to start growing with these materials using these directions. What else could be done better? Area: - 36 sqm - 1 bedroom apartment - 37th floor - Medium sized windows - 1 single cabinet - Tropical country Materials : - 1 4x4 tent for the veg stage - 2 4x8 tent for the flow...
  6. Weednoob

    Weednoob's First Grow - Soil - Indoor - White Widow Auto - 2017

    Hello there weed lovers. Im am new to this site but it got me very interested into growing weed. I smoke weed just for fun and some relaxing but for me it costs a bit. So I thought why not grow a plant so I can spare money and have more weed to smoke with my friends :high-five: So this is my...
  7. H

    Please help me - Noob here - Got pics

    Ok I'm using a grow cabinet. 4ft. By 16 in × 16 in. Use a marshydro 300w. With dual exhaust. My seedlings were germinated on the 4/17/17. At 10pm. And planted on 4/19/17 at 11am. The moment I saw tap root. Which was about 1/8 of inch long. Made small insuision dropped them in a pellet after...
  8. M

    Greetings from a noob

    I will be starting my first grow within the next week or two. I have a lot of experience as a gardener, but this is a first with cannabis. This will be an outside, container, semi-stealth, soil grow and I will be planting both Sativa and Indica dominant feminized Autoflowers. I will go this...
  9. Godsgarden747

    RDWC noob plants damaged - Bad advice?

    I am running rdwc with super charged air stones and defused not to much just enough bubbles everything was going great until I got doktor doom and some fungicide I need help diagnosing the problem please any advice much appreciated. So story goes something like this guy gets free bottle of...
  10. M

    Cactus killer here

    Hi 420 Im a noob grower, without a single green finger for growing. Got to the point where im sick of waiting on dealers to deliver crappy looking bags for extortionate prices. So im going to grow my own stuff. Ive got a white widow x big bud in a 4 gallon bucket under a 9w LED thats been...
  11. D

    Drooping but healthy?

    My plants all seem healthy. No spots, no red stems. Ph is fine. Temp is ok too. Any got any advice for a noob please. Cant upload a pic yet, not sure how.
  12. Dankensteinnn

    Hello everyone! New to growing

    Hello everyone newbie here. I actually signed up to ask a bunch of questions about my first grow... but can't make threads in the grow room yet lol. That's ok. I've already learned so much from the more experienced members here just reading and researching. Huge Knowledge base here. Let's...
  13. N

    Noob that needs help

    Hey guys new to the site, check out my journal and lets go on a adventure and see how these beautiful plants grow (hopfuly i don't fuck it up and kill all my plant) but I'm confident with my research and your help we can grow some dank together and learn in the process. My goal is to become the...
  14. A

    Cancer Patient - First Timer

    Hi all, I hope this is in the right place and greetings from the Pacific North West! I don't typically do this as I'm extremely reserved and usually reside under my rock but I'll start this off by saying that I was diagnosed May 25, 2015 with cancer (lymphoma) to my surprise and...
  15. M

    Auto Noob

    Hey fellow smokers. 1st time growing autos. they are in soil and 5 days from seed and i have flores feed. so when do i use it. HELP.
  16. Tiropita

    First Timer! - Bag Seed - Amnesia Auto & Columbian Gold - CFL - Grow

    :welcome: Hey, what's up everyone? I am starting a new grow and it's my first one. I am beyond excited. I rigged up 8 CFL bulbs - attached them to one 3 light bathroom vanity, each slot has a Y-splitter in it to hold 2 bulbs each and 2 lamps. I have 4x 23W Daylight bulbs centralized, 3 42W...
  17. O

    First Time Growing - This Is My Journal - Please View & Any Advice Is Appreciated

    Hello brothers and sisters, I have been a patient for along time now, been buying for 8 years, lets just say that i had an epiphany and decided to grow. Specs : Seeds : 3 GSC. from a weed bag 3 Afghani kush (crop seed king) 3 Hashbomb (fron NL seeds) 1...
  18. D

    Please help recommend a suitable LED

    Hi Guys, I'm Dave and I'm a noob to growing. I was researching LED's when I came across the wealth of information in this forum. After reading a few threads I thought that this would be a friendly place for me to learn more about the new hobby. I found it particularly difficult finding...
  19. W

    My First Indoor Grow

    So far it's been a rough start for me. I made a big mistake right in the start which I didn't see addressed anywhere. I bought my seeds from Crop King Seeds and was thrilled when they arrived in early May. I took half my seeds and soaked them. I had read many of the forum posts and thought I...
  20. t burn

    Yellowing lower leaves? Nitrogen Deficiency?

    sup,im a first time grower using a standard potting compost in a greenhouse grow. I have some maxicrop organic fertiliser and have once used it on my larger plants. On near enough all of the plants the lower leaves including the cotyledons (which have died) have turned yellow and many of them...