1. marrzblaze

    Marrzblaze's First Ever Grow | Melonade Runtz | Indoor & Hidden | Soil & LED | Runty

    Hey guys as you can see from the title, this is my first ever grow, I plan on fixing the environment for my plant in a bit, once some products arrive. But I'm here to share my first ever experiences and hopefully be informative and entertaining at the same time. I would appreciate all the help...
  2. T

    4x4 Adv Grow Tent 400w Earthbox Grow Journal 2023

    What strain is it? Humboldt seed company Strawberry Cheesecake Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica What percentages?70/30 Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? Day 23 If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor If indoor...Dimensions (L x W x...
  3. N

    Noob Thinking About Getting Started!

    Everyone, first of all - Thank you so much for this awesome resource and the incredible information on the forum. People are really helpful and the different views are a great way to get a few opinions on the same topics. So far my favorite approach has to be the one about getting my first grow...
  4. N

    Feeding Schedule

    Hi everyone quick question. As you can see from the feeding schedule, it tells you how many ml you need in a liter by week. Now I was wondering: Let's take in consideration BioGrow in week 4. It says 2ml/L. Now my pot is 5 gallons, so I have to water up to 1-1.3 gallons of water (4.5-6...
  5. N

    How many times do I flush?

    Hi Everyone Quick question, I'm currently growing Green Gelato in a light-mix Biobizz medium. I have been using only Biobizz feeding products as well. I have a 5 gallon fabric pot, and after reading through the group it seems that I need 2/3 times the amount of water per size container. So in...
  6. AdkSmoker

    1st Grow Question

    I just started my first grow, and my Daquiri Lime is showing a deficiency. I’m not great at identifying issues yet, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. UpNSmoke42

    UpNSmoke42, Sohum Soil, Critical Purple Autos, 2021

    What Strain is it? Critical purple auto by How Many Plants? 3 Abigail Agatha Agnes Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 22 days from seed Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor tent Soil or Hydro? Sohum Soil If Soil... What Size Pot? 3 gallon...
  8. Detroit Shroomz

    White Widow fem

    Got a bunch of freebies with an order a while back... 3 of em were WW fems...they are extremely hardy plants great hard stalks and branches didnt do any training on 1 and mostly topped the other 2...2 liter sized colas coming off these girls...this is only day 32 since flipped to 12/12
  9. Gigglebutt420

    New to the site

    Hey all i just joined up. Kinda not really sure what to do yet but I’ll get it figured out lol! I am a legal grower for personal medicinal use and just wanted to introduce myself and say hey
  10. ThaTinMan

    In The Beginning

    THE HARDEST thing to do, is to get started. Now this is for the Simi serious folks. Costs are under 500 clams for equipment! Dude that's cheap!! For the exception of a tent or room ventilation, very important that there is good understanding..... that's it's a gonna get hot! But budget gives a...
  11. djashdj

    Outdoor, Autoflower, Early Miss, GG#4, TrainWreck, N.Lights, Pacific NorthWest Region

    Just getting this started. I haven't even begun germination. I should slap this disclaimer down now. I'm a TECH NERD and I've NEVER gardened a DAY in my life and I've only murdered indoor plants with neglect. I am however a great cook and baker and meticulous about following directions...
  12. Jowowie

    With pics: 18 days old LST, defoliage? Help!

    Hey happy growers, It’s my first time growing indoors with a complete tent setup and I am unsure on what to do with my two females. I am growing Super Silver Haze x Northern Lights strain and they are 18 days old literally growing like a weed with coco medium. Any ideas and tips on how to train...
  13. I

    Leaves on flowering plant getting dry and crunchy

    Hello. I am looking for a little bit of advice here. This is the first grow i have ever attempted so yeah. You know haha. - Currently 46 days into flowering - fox farms happy frog soul - 2500P LED light -HyrdoFlora 3 for nuts (plus calmag) -5 Gal fabric potters - 1 cheesy berry, 1 GDP - Temp...
  14. S

    Temp question

    Hello my friends. i had a quick question about ideal temperature in a grow space. i have to temp readers in my tent. one near the top/middle of the canopy. and one right next to the plant on the floor. the one that is on the floor will sometimes reach as high as 84F , and the one near the...
  15. Marsella

    Noob’s First One: 2x2, 125W QB, Coco

    Hi guyz ! Im very new and this will be my first experience as a grower so all your advices are well welcome, English isn’t my language but I’ll try to do my best (I’m also new to us/uk forums so I’m trying to learn your words for growing !). « Sadly » i have to go on hollidays in a month or...
  16. Chrisx510

    Chrisx510’s 1st Grow: Auto Indoor Soil MH/HPS

    This grow is not for me, I don’t really smoke (maybe 8 times in my life), it’s for my family members (step family members). But it’s mostly just because I love the way cannabis plants look, with all the amazing different colors in it. I’m just plain old intrigued with the plant. And yes, my...
  17. A

    AKrook's Soil 4-Strain See What Sticks, 2020

    I have 7 recently purchased clones (yay AK): 1 GG#4 x Do-si-do cross (that is really taking off) 1 Sled Dawg ("Chemdawg V2") 2 Northern Lights 3 Donny Burger #3 First photo was Sunday when I first got the DB#3 home; second photo is today: top left GGxD, bottom left Sled Dawg (the leaves seem...
  18. DWC grow

    New to DWC hydroponics and cloning

    Hi i have just set up DWC and have a clone from a healthy budding plant that had just had the bud trimmed off that day. And kept the plant alive as it is an outdoor. My Question is will my clone survive being off a budding plant, it has 4 nodes but no 'terminal shoot' and it is in rockwool with...
  19. IMG_20190925_214359.jpg


    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
  20. IMG_20190913_071011.jpg


    Alaskan purple by seedsman. Hanging starting the drying process
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