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  1. S

    Temp question

    Hello my friends. i had a quick question about ideal temperature in a grow space. i have to temp readers in my tent. one near the top/middle of the canopy. and one right next to the plant on the floor. the one that is on the floor will sometimes reach as high as 84F , and the one near the...
  2. Marsella

    Noob’s First One: 2x2, 125W QB, Coco

    Hi guyz ! Im very new and this will be my first experience as a grower so all your advices are well welcome, English isn’t my language but I’ll try to do my best (I’m also new to us/uk forums so I’m trying to learn your words for growing !). « Sadly » i have to go on hollidays in a month or...
  3. Chrisx510

    Chrisx510’s 1st Grow: Auto Indoor Soil MH/HPS

    This grow is not for me, I don’t really smoke (maybe 8 times in my life), it’s for my family members (step family members). But it’s mostly just because I love the way cannabis plants look, with all the amazing different colors in it. I’m just plain old intrigued with the plant. And yes, my...
  4. A

    AKrook's Soil 4-Strain See What Sticks, 2020

    I have 7 recently purchased clones (yay AK): 1 GG#4 x Do-si-do cross (that is really taking off) 1 Sled Dawg ("Chemdawg V2") 2 Northern Lights 3 Donny Burger #3 First photo was Sunday when I first got the DB#3 home; second photo is today: top left GGxD, bottom left Sled Dawg (the leaves seem...
  5. DWC grow

    New to DWC hydroponics and cloning

    Hi i have just set up DWC and have a clone from a healthy budding plant that had just had the bud trimmed off that day. And kept the plant alive as it is an outdoor. My Question is will my clone survive being off a budding plant, it has 4 nodes but no 'terminal shoot' and it is in rockwool with...
  6. IMG_20190925_214359.jpg


    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
  7. IMG_20190913_071011.jpg


    Alaskan purple by seedsman. Hanging starting the drying process
  8. IMG_20190909_085632.jpg


    Zkittles auto by seedsman . One of the prettiest plants I've. Grown and very intense aromas to date..well done breeders and seedsman.
  9. Brnwn4

    First Time Grow! Some From Clones Some From Solo

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 cherry bomb, 8 Gorilla Bomb, 1 Grand Daddy Purp, 2 Blueberry Gum, 3 girl scout cookie. I have some cookie wreck cuttings rooting also. # of Plants - 15 plants Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage – Just Started Vege Setup – Not Sure? Light – viparspectra 600w (600PAR T) Nutrients -...
  10. Lungbutterorbs

    My seeds are here!

    Finally! My 100$ bandaids came in, Gotta love discreet shipping... Anyways, I had a buddy who grew Vortex a couple years back from Subcool so I figured I'd trust them my first go here. They were out of the vortex, must be a favorite for very obvious reasons so i grabbed Jesus OG, what Subcool...
  11. Lungbutterorbs

    Curing for taste

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me out here with this question and Im sure there are multiple ways to go about this.. I'm looking to obtain a nice taste and aroma with my buds. Assuming genetics are on par, grown in soil using organic nutes, and I have no budget cap(lol working on...
  12. G.I_Grow

    Glad to finally be involved

    Hey everyone, just introducing myself to the community. Have been a long time lurker but have finally taken steps to grow my own medicine. Currently nearing the end of my first grow which i will plug in the appropriate thread soon enough. I was super intrigued and excited after my physician...
  13. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  14. B

    Don't wanna be no noob

    About to start growing with these materials using these directions. What else could be done better? Area: - 36 sqm - 1 bedroom apartment - 37th floor - Medium sized windows - 1 single cabinet - Tropical country Materials : - 1 4x4 tent for the veg stage - 2 4x8 tent for the flow...
  15. Weednoob

    Weednoob's First Grow: Soil, Indoor, White Widow Auto, 2017

    Hello there weed lovers. Im am new to this site but it got me very interested into growing weed. I smoke weed just for fun and some relaxing but for me it costs a bit. So I thought why not grow a plant so I can spare money and have more weed to smoke with my friends :high-five: So this is my...
  16. H

    Please help me - Noob here - Got pics

    Ok I'm using a grow cabinet. 4ft. By 16 in × 16 in. Use a marshydro 300w. With dual exhaust. My seedlings were germinated on the 4/17/17. At 10pm. And planted on 4/19/17 at 11am. The moment I saw tap root. Which was about 1/8 of inch long. Made small insuision dropped them in a pellet after...
  17. M

    Greetings from a noob

    I will be starting my first grow within the next week or two. I have a lot of experience as a gardener, but this is a first with cannabis. This will be an outside, container, semi-stealth, soil grow and I will be planting both Sativa and Indica dominant feminized Autoflowers. I will go this...
  18. Godsgarden747

    RDWC noob plants damaged - Bad advice?

    I am running rdwc with super charged air stones and defused not to much just enough bubbles everything was going great until I got doktor doom and some fungicide I need help diagnosing the problem please any advice much appreciated. So story goes something like this guy gets free bottle of...
  19. M

    Cactus killer here

    Hi 420 Im a noob grower, without a single green finger for growing. Got to the point where im sick of waiting on dealers to deliver crappy looking bags for extortionate prices. So im going to grow my own stuff. Ive got a white widow x big bud in a 4 gallon bucket under a 9w LED thats been...
  20. D

    Drooping but healthy?

    My plants all seem healthy. No spots, no red stems. Ph is fine. Temp is ok too. Any got any advice for a noob please. Cant upload a pic yet, not sure how.
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