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GeOMaTTiC's ProMix Acupulco Gold AutoFlower Grow Journal 2018/2019


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Greetings and salutations

Current Situation:
2 Auto Acupulco Gold
2 gallon Home Depot buckets
Pro Mix Mycorrhizae HP, one mixed with blood and bone meal, the other will be fed some Root Farm nutrients
600w Phlizon LED Full Spectrum
small heating unit to keep warm (cold here in Canada)
2ftx4ftx5ft Vivosun grow tent

seeds put into Pro Mix on the 17th, emerged on the 18th. Last two pictures were from yesterday afternoon on 21/12/18

All comments, concerns, and questions are not only welcome, but greatly encouraged


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Greetings and Salutations.

Decided to update every two days, but only for the first week or so, until things start to heat up.

Watered everything on Saturday afternoon, still no nutrients to little Jose yet. Little Juan is getting some from the blood and bone meal.

Little Juan. So far his leaves are shorter and stubbier than Jose's leaves. Gave him another watering today after work, spritzed a little straight at the stem and roots, but mostly was spread out to encourage root growth.
B&B Meal.JPGB&B Meal 2.JPGB&B Meal 3.JPG
Little Jose. Gave him his first taste of nutrients. Only a little, followed directions exactly as directed on bottle. 5 ml of Base+All Purp in equal parts. Mainly using it for research purposes, as there is very little information found on its use.
Root Farm.JPGRoot Farm 2.JPGRoot Farm 3.JPG

Going to move the tomato plants out of the tent very shortly, need to optimize space for these little rascals.

So far the only thing I am looking to change for my next round, is a stronger light. Growing medium is satisfactory for now and forever, although I am going to make my own super soil for next winters garden.


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Goonie Googoo!

Fed the little guys last night, as they were feeling very dry and lightweight. They are still feeling fairly moist as of this evening, so I may need to feed them again sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I have noticed that they are remaining just as short as the first one I planted, with little to no stretching. Is this a sign of my light being too close, or is that just the way she goes?

The seed in the blood and bone meal mix sprouted above the surface first, but the RF seems to be just a little bit quicker in growth. The RF broke surface a full three days after the B&B Meal emerged, shed its seed coat, and opened its leaves much sooner.
Decided I needed some way to identify the plants in the pictures, as I have the names and fertilizers written on the side of the buckets. Was sorting through way too many photos trying to figure out which ones were which plant.
Notice the lack of stretch! If it is just going to be short like its brother, I will try a bit of pruning of the fan leaves.
Any advice on the short stature is highly accepted, as it can change my whole game plan for the rest of the seeds.


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Short is good, especially if you're getting tight nodes.
Short thick plants are usually from plenty of blue spectrum and temperatures staying pretty close all day like within 5 to 8 degrees.
Stretch comes from red spectrum, large fluctuations in temp like 82 day and 68 night and of course flipping to flower if they are photo periods.


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Ok. I have both the veg and bloom settings on, so that explains whats happening.

Nodes are very tight, and very close. Here is a picture of what I should be expecting from these guys, its their big brother.DSCN5621.JPGDSCN5596.JPGDSCN5598.JPG.
Only 4 weeks between them, and he has just started showing signs of flowering


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How are you now?

Decided to skip the last post, and start right into the daily updates today, as they are really starting to explore the area.
Fed them yesterday, nutes for one and straight water for the other. Still only sprinkling the base of the stem a little bit, then continue to water along the perimeter of the canopy limits. Not sure on the exact amount used, but it is roughly 355 ml or so for now.

Here they both are this morning before work, I will take pictures to upload three times a day. 4 am when I wake up (and light turns on), lunchtime at 10 or 11, then sometime in the late afternoon before posting the update. Will start the LST Friday, which coincides with payday. How ironic!

Now its about 11:30 am. This is the nutrient fed AG, same height as his brethren, just fuller
Here is the one I only need to water now, still doing just fine

Buggers are still VERY short to me, considering the breeder has it listed as tall in height.

HOWEVER, there is information that has been missing from the start

I purposely chose to germinate the most piddly ass little beans that the bag had, hopes on sprouting were very very low. Strange enough, they all germinated and sprouted very fast, so I was happier than a pig in...... manure. The rest of the beans are the typical size you would expect, I wanted to save them for last. Would that be a factor in their short stature? Or does that have no bearing on the size of the plant?


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Hey GangaPreneur, welcome to the show.

I'll start taking pictures of my temp and RH readings

Without heater, it stays above 20°C, and RH at 40% without water bowl, and about 70% with it added.

Have yet to purchase and install a ventilation system, that's coming soon. That will be more for the summer garden, as its manageable at the moment.


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Dang its chilly today, even for Blue Balls.........umm, thats one of my nicknames

Thinking they may need a feeding tomorrow morning, pro mix is looking moist, but feels drier.

Seems like they are coming along nicely. While one is bushier, the other is taking the lead in the height division.

I love how my thoughts are already formulating which one I think will be the biggest, produce the largest yield, and which is the most potent. I am not betting on anything, just making guesstimations.

In the next few weeks I will be making a few additions to this setup
-turbo vent fan.....next payday
-Charcoal exhaust filter....next payday
-second LED light.....next payday https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07GBLF7Q6/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=AH440WDUIAWYA&psc=1
-clip fan.....this Friday https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00IGFJFSY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
-clip LED light....Friday https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07HHQF9JJ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A1YEGQJN7KBPMX&psc=1
-PH Meter, both the strips and a digital pen.....Friday
-PH up and Down, from General Hydroponics
-Digital Hygrometer, to replace the free one...Friday https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0013BKDO8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
-plant ties.....Friday https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0013BKDO8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1

There very well may be some more items I pick up, but I will update if I do

Now for the updates from Monday. Decided to have a few drinks yesterday, and I forgot to post the update. Darn caesers!

Monday January 1st
Nute Fed
Water Fed

And now onto today. Was rushed on lunch, so I only got snaps after work, and here they are

So amazed at how much larger these guys are compared to their brother, when at the same age


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Hey GangaPreneur, welcome to the show.

I'll start taking pictures of my temp and RH readings

Without heater, it stays above 20°C, and RH at 40% without water bowl, and about 70% with it added.

Have yet to purchase and install a ventilation system, that's coming soon. That will be more for the summer garden, as its manageable at the moment.
70% is definitely ok for veg but that would be way too humid for when it in flower stage.

Hey there, I am definitely along for the ride. My plants have been very short from the beginning as well. The challenge comes later on when trying to deal with the busyness/humidity.
Sorry i meant to say **Bushiness/Humidity**
Looking good though :48:


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So much for the daily reports, who would have thought now is the time I start to have a life?

Slow but steady growth. Desperately needed some water yesterday, so I gave them a dunk in the river. As we are having an extremely mild winter, I am going to start bringing some of the rain water into the house to warm up, and start using that from now on. Once we get snow, then I will tinker with the idea of melting some for feedings, see if they take a liking to that over city water.

January 4th

B&B Mix RF

Since I have needed to move my light higher up for my main plant, I had to put more buckets under these ones to raise them high enough to catch the proper amount of light. They are not in the right footprint, so they are leaning more than before. No harm, just need to rotate them just as I had always been doing.

January 5th

B&B Mix, certainly coming along nicely, almost as big as his brother
RF, slightly larger and bushier, inner leaves are much bigger as well

Once they get a little taller, then I will start bending them over

I employ a combination of babying the hell out of them, and LITFA

-I rotate several times a day to maximize the lights potential
-only water when needed
-try not to stress them with heat and humidity, although the latter is becoming increasingly difficult with the Big Boy already flowering

They are my babies, but I know they are just weeds. They can do fine WITHOUT me, but will do better WITH me.

Hopefully I manage not to fully break my camera, spent over an hour fiddling with it to get it to function so I could take today's photos.

See you on the next update.


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Nice Geo...subbed up. Can you take some pics with the lights off at some point? Would love to see them in their true colors.


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Pulled them out and put them on the bed, then opened up the curtains. Tried taking one with the flash on in the dark, but these were much clearer. Left them to sit there for a bit afterwards, maybe an hour our two, maybe three if I keep an eye on them.

B&B Mea

now from the other side, blocking the direct sun
Side by Side

and of course.......group photo


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Sweet, ya they look nice and healthy. Gonna be bushy little girls that's for sure.


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That's because our eyes see the color spectrum correctly. You camera would need to have it's WB (white balance) adjusted or calibrated when you have the lights on. The when you take a pic it would look normal. In many cases a camera has a preset WB, mercury vapor, cloudy, sunny, etc and you can set it to the conditions.
But to do it correctly you would need to calibrate your camera to something white like a piece of paper when the lights are on.
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