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Germination in coco coir disks?


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I am an absolute beginner on growing so i have no idea what im doing and scared that i will not be able to even germinate my seeds.
I planted yesterday one seed in a coco coir disk but i dont know what else to do. The seed hole in the coco is a little too wide, should i have covered it with some of the coco over the seed? Should i keep it in a dark room or put it in the sun, or warm place, etc

Any help will be much appreciated!


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Hey, if you soak that disk until it's saturated and then put your seed in the little hole. Push it down so it's just covered (Maybe squash it together a little to block some of the light). Put it on a heat pad in a germination tray with some lid. Keep it from drying out and your seeds should pop in about 2 days.


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I used to use coir/peat discs. Now I just use a block of coir and that makes hundreds of disc sized pots when placed in 2" netpots.
The planting process is the same; Soak the media. Make the hole with a pencil tip, half an inch deep. Drop seed in hole. Do not cover hole as this allows air. It's down a hole with at least half the seed touching the wet media so some light will not affect the germination. Place in a plastic covered container for three days, or until the seedling emerges.

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Lilith, always did like that name, so easy to say... How are you planning to grow your plant?.. We should start there... What kind of light will you use.... What kind of soil?? Coco/perlite would about the easiest and least complicated... As for those pop up disks, let'em dry out once and the seeds are screwed.... If you're gonna grow in coco, i feel you should use it from the beginning...
I always put my seed in water, in a small pill bottle.. Shake a few times to dislodge any bubbles... That lets the seed become hydrated, and heavy enough to sink... That in itself is a little headstart for them.. I soak for about 24hr, no longer, unless i forget..... With good seeds, usually about half will have started a tiny white sprout.... Those i put in a 4"x4"x 4" or 3x3 plastic pots with the same coco/perlite i grow them in... Cover the seeds 1/4-3/8" deep, and lightly press in.. The covering of coco will help peel off the seed coat as it emerges.... The unsprouted seeds go in a damp paper towel, in a ziplock, in the dark... I plant those when a 1/4" root is showing....Unless you're a serial plant killer, it'll be the easiest thing you've every done..
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