GHE FloraSeries vs AN Sensi vs CanadianXpress - Controlled test experiment


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I am currently in the process of running a 10 pot DWC hydroponic test, whereby I will be testing different companies base nutrients on the same clones, taking at the same date.

I understand the test itself will require a learning process, in which case I am willing to listen to any sensible advice/suggestions.

For anyone interested in PGR hormones and thier given ratio's the same controlled experiment will contain side-by-side effects of Triacontanol, Brassinolide, BAP-6, and GA3 (Gibberellic Acid). as very little literature is out there on PGR's and usage. For the context of not getting busted I should add that I am not using the medicine myself. this is merely an experiment, and is not intended as a published research article. more aimed at hobbyist's who like to waste time scrolling endlessly through forums, thinking of ways to waste their money
So what happened? I'd love to check out this test. Hope you haven't abandoned it.

EDIT: Hey! My first post. Been reading this forum for quite a while i finally had to speak :love:
Looks like he did abandoned it. Either all failed, or lost interest before beginning. It would have been very helpful.
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