Ghetto RV Suspended Grow aka Asteidl's Hanging Garden

Cannabis S v. bagseed
In/Out: Indoors, suspended from skylight
Room: Kitchen/Living Room/Bedroom/Office (it's an RV,lol)
Medium: Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix
Light: Gigantic self-sustaining nuclear fusionreactor in the sky
Style: Ghetto RV Suspended Greenhouse (-ish)
Ventilation: 13,500 BTU A/C (RV roof-mount), and small fan
Number ofplants: 2
Water: tap water, not filtered
Roomtemp: between 70F and 85F. (It's an old RV, with crappy insulation)
Roomhum: ~70%
Currentstatus: Veg
Current statustime: ~4 months
Bucket/binsize: about 3 liters or so

I had started this grow in December of last year (2012). I think I actually planted them on the supposed "doomsday." LOL.

Got a bunch of bag seed (from good dope) when my friend moved to a new place. In December 2012, I started 8 seeds in Jiffy Pods. Out of 8, 6 sprouted, and 4 went outdoors and have since died. I had taken them to a place slightly too remote, and to top it off, it was the "dry season." So, two remain, indoors. I originally put them next to a West-facing window, as I get lots of potent sunlight where I'm at. Wasn't enough, though, and the plants showed it. They stretched a lot.

To make up for this, I build what I call my "Super-duper suspended vegetation rig" so I could hang my plants in my skylight. I zip-tied a couple of wire fridge shelves together, and hung them using carabineers and string/wire/more zip-ties, to the skylight in the trailer I live in. So, I built the thing in the pictures, put the kids on it, and they're getting lots of light now. Been watering them every couple days since then, and they seem pretty happy.


A couple of weeks ago I finally realized that they wouldn't bud until after sun goes 12/12. Duh! But, oh well. So, I wait till mid-summer now. And then some.

Today (middle of April) tied a few branches, training. It's my first attempt at LST, and it ain't pretty. It's pretty ugly, actually. But, it seems to have the great effect of allowing light at the whole plant(s) now. I should have started LST much sooner, though. Cloud passing by darkened the photo a bit.


While tying the plants back, I noticed that it seems the skylight dome acted a bit like a screen, since the plants couldn't grow "up," they went a bit sideways. I think I simply helped it a bit, here. I also trimmed more than a few fan leaves that were eating up all the sunshine.

I guess I should add, the plants are about four months old now. They're still in vegetative state, because the light-cycle has just begun lengthening. Outside, these probably could have been monsters. However, my State still doesn't like pot, so I'm staying as healthy and stealthy as possible, indoors.

I have some more pics of the plants when they were younger, but they're on my phone, and I need to get an adapter to transfer the files to my PC. Soon as that's done, I'll UL them, and in the meantime, I'll keep updates on the current status of them. :)

This is my first grow journal, and my first indoor grow, so I am very eager for feedback. If there's anything more I should post on here, any grow ideas, ..... Money's tight, but I'm great at jury-rigging, so I'll try just about anything I can, to learn and learn and learn some more. :) I love this site, this community, it's a great place to learn and share ideas. I hope I can share some of my own ideas. Cheers y'all! And thanks!

Closeup pics. No sex yet. Weird leaves, only 3 fingers on most leaves. From what I've read here, I think that means the plant is still immature? They're about four months old now, and I'm waiting for the days to get shorter. Soon as I can afford to (and after sexing these), I want to put clones of these two in a closet, under CFLs.

Anywho, here are a couple pics I took today. Or yesterday. Can't quite remember, lol.:passitleft:Been having good time out on the water! :D




Well, spent about 50 today, gathering supplies, so I can make a couple clones to flower out for sexing.


Got a light fixture, with three lampholders (had to buy and add the third one), currently have lower-powered CFL's, but will be getting six good bulbs, and another fixture, soon. Got a timer, 1250w tungsten (15A general-purpose/resistive, 0.5HP), some Vigoro Organics soil, and some vigoro "plant food" 10-10-10. Used the fert on my plants at 1/2 tsp/gal. Watered my main plants about a quart. Planning on doing the clones tomorrow, too tired and upset tonight. Had a friend go back into hospital again, possible third stroke. :(

Gonna medicate with roach weed tonight.


Will take and upload some more pics of the plants tomorrow morning. Or Afternoon. whenever I get up, anywho.
Seems like you are off to a good start. Is it possible that the increased heat with summer or standing air in rv might possibly be affecting the plants somewhat? just asking
Thanks for replying! And yeah, it does get a bit warm in the dome. It's a single-pane lexan dome, so there's no R-value at all in the skylight, but I've got freezer paper hung sort of strategically around the Super-Duper Suspended Veggie Rig, to direct air from the A/C. I've yet to check the temps during the day, but I'll check tempuratures (surface of dome, leaves, soil, and ambient air) tomorrow and find out.

On another note, I smoke indoors (ciggies and pot), so maybe the carbon dioxide (and monoxide, and all the other icky stuff) is affecting them, too. Read somewhere else on these forums about CO2, and heat facilitating its absorbtion, so I'm wondering about this effect in my situation, whatwith cigarette smoke, as well as pot smoke.
Right,Right Cool beans. Careful of super cooling the lil girlies with that A/c unit, the one in my trailer freezes the gonads off anything. I like your idea very ingenious. good luck
Here's some pics of my lights that I put together. Well, I made the fixture, anyway. Plant pics later, when the sun's a little higher in the sky, and I'll be taking temperature readings too.


And finally, look what I found in a dumpster! It's still good paint. :D
As promised, temp readings at 10AM:

Inside dome surface: 88.3F
soil 68.2
leaves 70-75F​

Will try to remember to take readings later on, as well.

Pics! From this morning:



Tied another branch or two back this morning as well. No sex showing yet, but, might make me a clone box later, and run them on 12/12.

Also, if I do the cloning, will probably run at least one in veg, LST it from the beginning (like I should have done with above plants). I do think that flowering is going to take a lot more room than my skylight provides. We'll see what happens. May be making a flower box, if for nothing else, for "photoisolation" (to block outside light).
View from above

Clone I took yesterday. It might just make it! (different branch than above pic)

Painted up a cabinet, put those previously pic'd CFL's inside, put the clone inside, set a timer for 23 on, 1 off, figure I may go 1 more hour more every other day. Unless I'm wrong. Not sure, so will be reading lots of threads! Will get pics, camera's batteries are dead, can't afford more at the moment. I also want to put more powerful CFL's in there. Going to need to add ventilation, soon, since the cabinet has NONE. Got door cracked for now. Will be pushing away visiting neighbors till I find a system to keep my living room dark at night, lol.
lol do u live in this rv too man? thats funny shit, interesting grow man,

the clones should be on 24 light, but i wouldnt knock them back past 18/6 untill your ready to flower, stay with 22/2 for a while tho till they get strong
Dam boi. Rollin like a big shot! Good job I think u r well set. And dam clever at that. hope u got a use fer da paint. I am usually not that lucky to find stuff I gotta get it new cause I usually need a lot of paint on da farm. Jealous I am... hate buyin shit... I used high gloss shit on walls and ceiling in my grow area.keep it up, you doing good.
Thanks all! I will do the 24-hour light. Switch when they are ready, to shorter light time. Had just one clone, but it's looking sad, so made four more. Keeping the first going, of course, best I can, though.







I ought to add, the cabinet is 16"w*22"d*36"h.
Cab is 22" deep, 16" wide, and about 3' high. As y'all can see, I'm not a good painter, lol. If I had been patient enough, I'd have put another coat on the inside of it. But, I don't have time for waiting around being patient, hehehe



Not sure if I should keep putting these clones in this journal. I guess I've got two purposes for them. One, confirming sex of mom. I was very inexperienced when I thought she showed in January or so. Two, if confirmed female, I want to grow and eventually use these little gals for medicine. So, they could become a second grow (?). But, genetically, same plants. Also, I've planted a couple habanero seeds, into, of all things, a jello-shot-sized Solo cup I drilled for drainage. Probably have to water the hell outta it, or I could throw it into the clone container (Jiffy box) once sprouted. It will go into a bigger pot, as long as I have extra soil. I kinda want to try growing some veggies indoors, it can only help experience, right?

Oh, and the clones have been under 24/0 for one day so far. I should be waiting to change that until roots begin showing, correct?

Been learning a LOT here, and I'd like to thank everyone again, for sharing their experiences and advice.
The only suggestion I have is to to get 4200 lumens (300 Watt equivalent CFL's) for you babies. You can get them at HomeDepot or Lowe's. Three will run you about 56 dollars. Also if you do not have much space for the one in the closet I believe you can start flowering earlier and keep the lights closer to stunt the growth.

Everything else looks great. Good luck my friend.

Okay, I am thinking...Scary! lol. Anyways, I think I should do my flowering inside the cabinet, instead of in my skylight, because I'll be able to filter smell so much more easily. Currently, moms growing in the skylight are part of my living area, and they are beginning to smell a little bit, usually only when touching the leaves. Smelling good though, hehehe. Am worried about nosy neighbors and landlords. Plus, recently found out about a surveilance vehicle, an RV, saw a couple cops getting out of it at another location, then come back to park it near where I'm at. I'm reasonable certain they aren't watching me, but I'd rather not throw out any temptations to look close, like smells. I have not been putting any trimmings into the trash, and have been as stealthy as possible, but like I said, the eventual lovely stink will be only getting stronger. So, will be making my next priority a DIY carbon filter. Cabinet needs ventilation anyway. But, the plants in teh skylight won't be naturally ready till after middle of summer, that is a ways away yet. Should I throw my clones in the skylight, and the moms in the cabinet and flip 'em to 12/12? Get them going and done, and maybe in a month or two, throw the clones back in the cabinet to flower, after taking more clones from those clones. Basically, put the stinkers where I can destink 'em, and put the non-stinky clones and small veg'ers in the skylight. I think it would be more practical, and my Super-Duper-Suspended Vegetation Rig can actually be for vegetation then, lol. Because I also really don't think there is nearly enough room in the dome to flower anyways. But I do think it would be great for clones and veg'ers. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? I've already found great ideas on these forums for making a carbon scrubber, and I'm planning to go to bigger/more CFL's in the box, so I'm partway there. Also, making my mind up at this stage, will make lighting decisions easier (day vs soft). Been finding that soft white/yellow-red high-watt cfl's seem to be easier to find in bulk savings packs, than daylight/blueish bulbs. So turning my current clone cabinet into a flower cabinet may make economic sense.
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