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Good reliable Digital Ph meter?


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Hi,I have recently changed from soil to DWC.I vegged the plants,white widow and acapulco gold using a dual spectrum 300 watt cfl and Canna growth nutes.They really took off,so much better than using soil and I was looking forward to switching to the flowering cycle to see the results.They were flowering under a 400 watt Hps light using Canna Flowering nutes.

I didnt check the Ph of the nutes,I thought the Canna automatically levelled out the Ph.I'm now week 4 in flowering and the plants should be blooming but they seemed to have nearly stopped growing. and look about week 2 of floweringI switched from Canna nutes to Vitalink ( soft water ) to see if that would help but unfortunatley it hasnt.

I have grown for a few years in soil and gotten good results but this DWC is new to me.I think I have to start checking the Ph of the nutes and adjust as needed.

Can anyone recommend a Ph meter that is reliable and easy to use.I wouldnt want to be recalibrating all the time.I'm in the UK and could afford about £30.Any suggestions would be welcomed also any tips to checking the Ph would also be helpful.Cheers.


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Re: Good reliable Digital Ph meter

iMeshbean® Digital PH Tester Meter Pen + TDS Tester Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Water Monitor 0-9999 PPM with Free Batteries USA Seller

Search this in amazon or yahoo should come up for a combo pack for about 18$ USD I think 14 BP. Very reliable and accurate
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