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Growing a hydro setup in turtle tank


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Hey I was wondering if anyone knows if you can grow a single hydro plant in a turtle tank pump I have a 45 gallon tank with a alligator snapper in it I have a pump with 4 kinds of filters the carbon , rocks, and 2 types of black pads I didn't know if you could start them in the pads and put a light on top above it or if I'd have to have different pH or nutrition if anyone has any ideas I would like to know

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What's your ph? That will determine if Aquaponics will work. Honestly I would need pics of the filter. Pumping from the aquarium down into a reservoir holding the plant and then back into the tank may work. I would start by doing a general search on aquaponics and develop your idea from there. You may have to feed your turtle differently in order to get all necessary nutrients to the plant. What do you feed your snapper?
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