Have u ever done a chillum? here's a guide how to do it...do say what u think


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hello guys...today am gonna show you how to prepare and how to hold a chillum (Pakistani hash pipe)...:yahoo:

...here are the things u gonna need :p

A Chillum

One cigarette

A small ball of foil paper(cigarette foil paper is what is more common here)

A piece of wet cloth ...(i use crepe bandage...but u can use any thin cloth but it should be wet as the chillum get hot when u are smoking it)

and of course weed or hash :p


Now prepare ur smoking mixture as u do before rolling the shit, but dont roll it up :p
Now the chillum is like a hollow clay tube which is open at both sides...so to prevent Ur smokable from falling out insert a little alu foil ball in the tube as shown below

then fill ur hash mixture into the pipe as shown

now wrap the wet piece of cloth around the pipe...it prevents u from getting burn while smoking and also prevent the tobacco from getting in ur mouth...

now starts the tricky part...how to hold this 'thing'? :p well do ur hand as shown in the pic below stretching ur thumb and index finger...the cillum will be on the length of ur index finger and close to ur middle finger

after placing the chillum in ur hand, grab the the excess cloth with the rest of ur fingers as shown below...

Then place ur other hand on the 'apparatus' and make a little hole between ur thumb and index of the right hand...this is the place where u toke :p Now that u are done u can light it up using a match stick and preferably with the help of a friend as its quite hard to do it by urself :D(make sure ur hands are tight around the chillum or u will lose some and cough like a dog :p

thank ya for ur time and do coment :p
Hey thanks a lot man. I have never done a chillum before but i have smoked up different types of more natural and exotic pipes etc.

Will definitely try it, although I do believe that instead of putting that tin foil in the chillum you should put a nutmeg in it. I don't know what it is called in urdu but I do believe it will be much better and more natural. Maybe the tin foil is not so healthy.

Thanks for the lesson. Will try it :)
That is very interesting. I've seen people toking that way before, but only in video from Asia (India, Pakistan, etc.). They look like human chimneys!

What's the advantage of using a chillum that way vs. using a standard pipe?
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