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Have you done a second dark cycle?


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I'm in the 11th week of flowering an Aurora indica from one of the sponsors here. The plant is healthy, looks good all around with flowers but the trichomes haven't yet developed. Will another 30 hour dark cycle trigger trichome development? I've read through many of these forums but nothing has seemed to address this. It's not a sativa. I thought it should have been further along than this and hope to get some trichs developed soon. I know every plant has it's own time frame but the trichs are just not building up. I've been using bio bizz to flower but I flushed a week ago and added 0-10-10 to hopefully stimulate the trichs. Has anyone ever added a second dark cycle?


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I don't quite know what you mean by a 2nd dark cycle, but you can try reducing there daylight hours by 1/2 hour every week, so you next week would be 11.5 on/ 12.5 off, week 2 11on 13 off... and so on...
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