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Heat problems


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Hey guys,
Im growing for the second time, last year I started in March 23 and harvested June 25. Im proud of the result, it was not as strong as the stuff I bought from dealers but it was quiet good. My impatience did it.

This time I started June 23 and Im running into some problems. The equipment I bought was this:

Indoor Soil Kit 25w + Grow Box BASIC - Set Up Grow Box

Im still using the same equipment and because its summer, Im obviously running into heat problems. Temperatures in the tent are between 84f (29c) and 88f (31c). And thats with the door almost fully opened, only closed to the height of the tallest plant. With the purchased kit I got an extractor fan. I live in an apartment complex and Im unsure of how loud neighbors can hear. We all close doors so loud one could think were pissed off that the world exists lol. And this extractor fan is really loud. Almost like a vacuum cleaner. Obviously I cant have it running, and also tbh, I had it on for 15 minutes and temperatures were the same. Which leads me to my question. Ive observed some whitish-yellowish circled spots the both plants, Im unsure whether its from heat or something else. Please take a look and let me know what you think (if you cant see the spot, let me know ill upload another).


Another problem (I dont know if its a problem tbh just looks weird to me) with this grow Im encountering is what looks like "wavey" stems. My guess is that its because of the light being too close. Not sure. Anyway I raised the lights. Please let me know what you think.



Here is a picture of the distance from lamp to plant after raising. Its about 13 in (33cm). The pots are 1.7 gallon (6.5l) each. Please let me know if you think the distance is good or bad. Thanks! :thumb:



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My opinion is that it is too early to tell. When first sprouting, many new seedlings look like they are having problems when they are, in reality, just fine.

Can you give a bit more info about the light? If this were my plant, I would add just about 1/2-3/4 of an inch of soil before it gets too far along. Just to add a bit of support to the thin main stem.

88 degrees is not too hot. I usually point a fan from the floor upward past the plant and light to speed the warm air above the plant.

The wavy stem is likely just due to the stretching and reaching for the light. Warm nights will cause stretching.

I would just try to be patient for now. If she takes a bad turn, come back and post pics.
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