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Heating a room with gas or non electric?

Rich 3033

Active Member
Has anyone got any ideas on how I can safely heat a room with gas? Grow area is 2.5x3m

I've thought about the standard gas heater that moves around on wheels, I don't know if there are other options.

I don't have enough juice to be running an electric heater and it would be very expensive.

Or any other non electric option.

Rich 3033

Active Member
If you use a propane heater, you also add C02 for your plants. They sell them at Walmart for cheap.

My dad has one like this I could borrow, over here we get propane or butane in bottles. I need to see long the gas will last as if I remember right they can use a bottle a week on low setting.

Yes the co2 is an advantage with this type of heater.


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