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Hello everyone


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this is my formal hello to all here. i have been a lurker for quite some time. finally decided to make a username and use it! i have been lurking a few other boards as well, but this one has quickly become my favorite.
i am by no means a "pro" at growing, currently in the midst of my first grow at the moment. learning something new everyday, and all of this just fascinates me.
my 3 ladies are in their 3rd week of flower, just some local bag seed, and they are sativa dominant.
i am getting very excited as the buds are growing, seeing the trichs for the first time tonight was very exciting for me!
but, this is just my hello to everyone.
so... Hello!!

my profile picture is one of my very own buds currently growing. i could have found something nice and pretty off the internet, but shit, i am a proud momma. LOL.
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