Hello from Michigan - New here and sayin' Hi!


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Hello all. Name is Sean. In Michigan here and just a short rundown as follows.

Been interested in growing for quite a while now but haven't made the jump until a little while ago. Spend a few months reading first to try to get some basic understanding on where to start. I must have read through 10 different forums with 1000's of questions and answers and guides before I started. Wanted a little knowledge in my brain so I could have a chance to deal with a few problems with the grow and also to stop me from making a few big no no's right out of the gate. Did all of that on many forums and decided this was the forum I wanted to join for now.

I'm several weeks into my 1st grow at the moment. AK47 feminized in FFOF.

I figured instead of asking a million questions and trying to get someone to basically grow for me through the internet I would work through it as much as I could on my own using questions and answers others have asked.

I have a log of my grow with plenty of pics to date and would like to share it so others can see it and see if they think I'm starting to finally get on track here. Is that ok with you guys and gals? If so, can someone let me know how to post my Microsoft word document log the best way? I just don't wanna tick someone off.

Nice meeting you all and I look forward to learning and eventually be confident enough to share some earned knowledge.
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