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Help & advice on RDWC new setup


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Hey all,

I have been growing in soil for just a minute. I have completed 3 grows from seed to harvest. Now, I have decided to try a RDWC system.
So, I am going to build as much as I can on my own. I have done some research and think I have a pretty good idea of the setup I want.

For perspective, in my soil grow I used 2x Viparspectra 600s and 1x 450 in a closet.

This RDWC grow will be moving from the closet to the basement in a 4x4 Vivosun tent. I want to be able to flower 3 plants. I plan to use blue Lowes 5 gallon buckets to hold the net pots.

Light seems to be an issue, so I was thinking I could wrap the buckets in foil?

For the main reservoir I was also planning to use a 5 gallon bucket. I can either place the main reservoir inside or outside of the tent. I think I am leaning toward outside. I have an under sink, 6 stage, RO filter, which happens to be directly above that area of the basement. I plan to run a line down for auto-reservoir top offs. At first I will Ph and nute manually. I want to connect the buckets with 1.5” PVC. I have concerns this may not be a large enough diameter. Also, drop an air-stone in each grow bucket. Not sure, about what to do with chilling the water…. I need to buy most everything.

Anything jump out as mistakes? Any advice? Stick with soil? lol


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Hey Skimpy, I would put the Rez outside of the tent. A 1 1/2” line will work but i normally run 2”. Before you start get some Z7 from Flying Skull. It’s an enzyme cleaner that will keep your setup slime free. Other than that it looks like a good setup.


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Thanks for the advice. I ordered some of the Z7 Flying Skull. I already have the General Hydro Grow/Bloom/Micro. Ok to use both at the same time?


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Started looking into chillers today. Wow, that's a hit in the pocket book. Started checking out DiY systems. Found this thread here: 4 Reservoirs - 1 Chiller

I am thinking about doing something similar:

1) Have a 50 (or whatever) gallon rez for chilled water.
2) Use a ripped apart dehumidifier and condenser to cool the water. Like:
3) Place a submersible pump in the water. (probe in grow rez)
4) Pump is plugged into temp controller ( https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-Max-1200W-Temperature-Controller-Greenhouse/dp/B01HXM5UAC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1549417654&sr=8-2&keywords=water+temp+controller )
5) pump moves water through tubes to a chiller in the main rez. https://www.amazon.com/NY-Brew-Supply-W3850-CV-Efficient/dp/B01C856JQI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1549417722&sr=8-3&keywords=wort+chiller

The water in the grow rez and the chill rez NEVER mix... And, assuming enough capacity on the dehumidifier and pump this setup can give exact temp control. Add another pump and coil; cool another rez...

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