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Help! Can I save these?

These plants died for unknown reasons so I turned the lights off, a week later I looked and they were still growing so I decided to try and save them, is it possible? They're already starting to bud so should I put the lights on 12/12 or 18/6? Would nutrients help or are they too small?


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Re: Help!! Can I save these?

flush them right out , repot asap remove dead leaves , they are trying to flower so they will suck the life out of their own body ,they will also grow strange with silly looking leaves as they dont know what they are meant to be doing for the first while , you need to re veg by putting them into 18 hours light , only feed them 1/4 strength nutes until they get better
good luck and make sure you keep us updated on progress ,:high-five:
Re: Help!! Can I save these?

Alright thanks bro, I did all those. I'll keep you posted. Also, are the buds purple because the lights were off for a week or is it the strain?
There! I saved them thanks to you. Ones growing super fast and the other is coming along. Although there were a lot of little bug things under the pot, they are pretty small but in numbers. I just flushed both the plants and the little bugs were in the water. Any clue what they are and what they do? They're all gone right now. Just wondering in case they return. Here's a pic of my children now!
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