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HELP! House and Garden Nutrient Issues


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I ran across this at the H&G Website. Here is the excerpt, and I quote:
"Contrary to what you might have heard with other nutrients, never use an oxygen pump in the nutrient container or in the growth table. This may have serious consequences for the stability of the nutrients".

I have ALWAYS ran an oxygen pump, and am doing so now in an Ebb & Flow setup. Whether I am cloning, vegging or flowering, I have always used a method to oxygenate the h20. Am I missing something here and should I NOT be oxygenating my nutrient solution? If there is validity to this, what is it and what is happening if I am blowing bubbles?

Here's the link from H&G's website. They talk like oxygenating my reservoir is creating some form of instability.

Anyone in the know care to chime in?


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G'day wow I've never heard of such a thing.If I dont put the air in to my tank all that green shit builds up.the ec is always stable well you know day by day with the water top ups but I dont use h and g. if you here more about this can you post it. may be they mean the ph becomes unstable.how long have you used it are things going well or just ok.any way it is a strange one that ive all ways read herd you have too get into the tank it helps best of luck:rasta:


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cool, though that might be it:welldone:

Question answered! From what I gather, several pallets of nutrient charts were printed. Apparently, there was some form of misunderstanding in the interpretation into English, and due to an expensive boo-boo on their end, chose to use them anyway. This being said, OXYGENATE TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!:ganjamon::popcorn:

https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...-Deep Water Culture-fogponic-contruction.html


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Good stuff Mrpeabody,the Oxgenater is on full bore well you know what I mean.Hay taking about house and garden I seen a article in rosebud mag about the root juice.Have you had a go of it

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There was a translational screw up on some early charts that led to this whole mess. I actually called Humboldt Whosesale directly and talked to one of their product reps and was told that Root Exceleratuer...or however the hell they spell it, I can never remember, works best in a low oxygen environment, but that it would still work, just not quite as well, with oxygen added in.

In an ebb and grow/flow, most people just put a submersible pump in the res to keep the nutrients mixed, the flood and drain cycles will pull oxygen to the roots.

Hope this helped.
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