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Help yellow leaves


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I used G&B organic high growth fertilizer 4-0-2 says it's designed to quickly get nitrogen
To the plant and I used the direction on the package and then just put in enough to moisten the soil

at best case scenario with that size plant you should have given her 1/2 what he manufacture suggested and 1/4 would have even been better. Remember this, the more you use, the more you buy and with growing weed less is more when it comes to many things. Manufactures want you to use as much of there product as possible because then you run out quicker and need to buy more. When you water, even when you feed you should be saturating the soil ten leave it the F alone until it dries up all the way to the bottom of the pot, by just adding a little at a time the plant can not develop a healthy root system.

Your plant appears to have 5 nodes best I can make out, which if it was healthy I would say 1/2 strength should be fine, but your plant is not healthy and she needs to be nursed back to health, and thats where less is more. Think of it like this, if you were ship wrecked in the ocean and had no food for 3 weeks and no water for 5 days, would it be a good idea to eat a big plate of prime rib with a baked potato, maybe a side of baby back ribs and a blooming onion on the side all washed down with 3 gallons of water? No way, you would drink just a little and eat just a little till you got your strength and health back... LESS IS MORE
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