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Help! Yellowin/browning leave tips curling up


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Help plants are 2 weeks old and 3 weeks old the more developed is an auto and the younger is a strain by tg_gentics called Enzo's kush ( SFV OG x Pandora's box)
TLO mellow mix soil feeding 6.0 ph water with 15ml/g canna rhizotonic 80 degrees F and 40% humidity not sure what I'm doing wrong I know the humidity is a little low, also for the first time I fed the autoflower with Canna Vega 8ml/g rhizo 15/g ph 6.0 (tips were browning previous to this feeding just fed it yesterday) please help!!

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hey there mate, looks like nute burn and they also have nutrient deficiency. what kind of soil are you using? 80 degrees F is kind of the limit, they would be better if you lower your temps to 70-75 F.

you should watch your pH closely. if you are using soil you need to aim to pH 6.5, and if you are using coco or hydro you should go for 5.8 pH. here is a nutrient availability chart:


don't feed them with any nutrients, just PLAIN pH'd water until you can get that under control.
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