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Hey guys need urgent help with 3 plants


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Hey guys I got a big problem but first thing is I am a 1st time grower and I need help to make a decision.
I have 3 plants and they are about 4 months old and I just discovered that 2 are males and 1 is female.
I don't know what to do with the male plants. Should I trow them away, I heard that they are useless to smoke.
It's a little frustrating to know this now after I took care of them for so long but it is what it is.
Please help I got a few pictures on the left side where the avatar and profile picture go. But I don't know how to upload Pics to this site or the gallery. any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.


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Re: Hey guys need urgent help with 3 plants.

As far as your males go unless you want to pollinate a female all there is left to do is get rid of them.
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