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I'm Koenig,

My first question has to do with electicity cost. I have read many a post with people stating that this type of
lighting cost less than that type of lighting, etc...etc...and have read plenty of post where people have provided formulas for the amount of lumens and/or watts used per square foot..however what I have not seen stated as of
yet is someone providing an example of the actual cost (a dollar amount figure) of electricity to them on a monthly basis...are any of my (420 MAG Comrades) willing to provide that information here?..if not; well it doesn't hurt to ask...and/or if so thank you for your help..


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Example: A 1000w HPS HID light costs roughly $70/mo.
running 12 hours/day. Regional electricity costs vary quite a bit, so check yours.
A kilowatt hour = 1000w for an hour, so if a kwh costs .12 then 12 hours = $1.44 for instance.


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Easy enough to calculate based on the cost of your power. Here it's about 8 cents per kWh and my grow costs roughly $100 a month with three 600 watt lights (which are sometimes dimmed lower) and fans and dehumidifier, etc.


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Thank you for the excellent response.
I have been calculating cost and your numbers are pretty much in-line with my calculations;
I however, was hoping that I was somehow incorrect. I was in hopes that the cost was not
what I had anticipated, unfortunatley it appears that the cost is indeed exactly what I hoped it would not be.

Anyhow, again I appreciate your quick response to my question.
Peace out...
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