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High to u all


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Hello ppl I'm here to gain some valuable knowledge on growing.... I have 3 stealth hydro deep water culture sets. For lighting I have a 1000 watt MH/HPSdimmable digital ballast with 19" batwing reflector. I have a closet that is 2x4x8.... I will be growing Big Devil from Sweet Seeds....the dwc system was said to have 10 gallon reservoir but I put it more like 5. I will be starting in 1" rockwool cubes in 3" net pots with hydroton as medium. I have 10" fan for air circulation and an automatic release co2 in a bag kit and a techno flora nute kit I have 12 sites but intend to grow 10 plants which are autoflower.... Any help or advice is very appreciated!!!


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High Dreadlock, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

I think you'll find this is the best mmj community out there... Dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of Cannabis. :thumb:

Our members are some of the most knowledgable and the most helpful anywhere!

I'm a soil grower, so while I've read a lot and could answer some hydro questions, I try to leave such assistance to the experts.

You might think about starting a journal... that way folks can see exactly what you are doing, and offer advice as you go.

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I am gonna start a grow journal and post pics jus haven't started to grow yet waiting on the babies to get here


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Hello Dread,

Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have. Great people with lots of helpful advice. But then it looks like you might be one of the great advice givers!


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Blessings to u all.... I got everything set up now Im extremely ready to grow....might start some photoperiods to go with autos I am waiting on and veg them for 11 weeks.... Should be some big uns if I do thst
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