How do I protect my outdoor grow from deer?

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Soap: Heavily scented soaps work at repelling deer. Among these are Irish Spring and Zest. What you do is shave the soap in thin slices around your plot. The pros are that it works, but the cons are that you must replace the soap once a week. This gets very old very quick, as well as cost you money every time.

Human Scents: Deer dislike the smell of human scents. One method of spreading your scent around is to urinate all around your site. What you may also choose to do is urinate in a 2 liter soda bottle, and pour it around your plot when you visit. Urine, like the soap, will need to be replaced every week. Another, more cumbersome, yet more efficient solution is to spread human hair around the area. This may be retrieved from a barber shop. In this case, you simply throw fistfuls of hair around the area, and it is said to repel deer for a few weeks, unless rain washes it away.

Fencing: Ive found that simply setting up a physical barrier around your plot will keep deer away. You'll want to pre-measure the perimeter of your area. Make sure the fence is at least 3 feet past your plants on all sides so the deer doesn't reach in and snack on fresh shoots. Then go to a local hardware or superstore and get 2 lengths of dark colored fencing that are long enough to reach around your plot. This fencing can range from wire to rope, just anything that's strong and will resist stretch. You'll need multiple lines to prevent small babies up to large deer from eating your grow. A line about 2 feet, 3.5, 5 ft and 7 ft should suffice. It is my understanding that fawns are copying their mothers actions for the most part, but you should not underestimate their curiosity. Fawns probably won't ruin your grow, larger deer will. I've personally seen a deer hurdle a 5 ft barbwire fence. 7 ft should be plenty. If you have extra line feel free to make more wraps. If you wrap your plot with the above suggestion, you are not guaranteed protection from deer, but they will surely not jump the fence unless necessary.

If you are paranoid about it, you can hang branches from the line as camouflage. This will not "hide" the fence, but it will break the outline.

Ive found that the fence method works best. It works just as well as the others, but is also reusable. After harvest, simply cut or untie your fence, roll it up and store it with your other supplies until next season.
The soap advice is right on the money but here is one more nugget of information. Where I live there are lots of deer and one thing I found over the years is that so long as you do not place your garden out to early, before the native food crop becomes available, it should be safe for the most part aside from a small nibble now and then. Once thier own food source starts to appear with the onset of Spring they will pretty much ignore your garden...peace:ganjamon:
just piss man...take a piss around yur plants...everytime you ,vist them....piss...deers and bears don't like human urine....
Dude, being a hunter for many years with both black bear and whitetail deer being a primary prey, urine dissipates rather quickly and I have seen deer walk right over a spot where urine was fresh (this was an observationary test regarding deer specifically) without so much as a snort or a stamp, typical alarm reaction. The soap is a great deterant as is the placement timing of your crop. Also, the term Deer, is both singular and plural, there is no "s" at the end...malcolm:ganjamon:
Chicken wire is the shit...Light enough to pack in, yet provides an effective barrier to Deer and rabbits...If you stake it well enough, you can also keep wood rats out- wood rats are a bunch of little MF's; they will chew through your plants at the bottom then drag them down & eat the cola's...

Chicken wire is pretty much fool proof, you will be disappointed using scents and then when your plants begin to mature after a few months of hard work you lose it to animals. I used to grow outside quite a bit when I lived in Cali.; I have seen Deer strip unfenced cannabis patches completely in just a matter of minutes.

That's the problem w/ marijuana out in the woods; so many critters enjoy it and love to eat it. (including bugs).
Hate to shit on the soap thing but I had some tree hugger fags put soap all around my deer stand opening morning I didn't notice till the sun came up. Two hours later a big ole doe came up sniffing the soap and nuzzling at it trying to figure out what it was. That being said there is a newer product that uses flashing red lights at night to deter the deer. I use this in conjunction with a strip of thin aluminum wire hooked in a loop to a stereo system capacitor. The deer touches the wire and the capacitor discharges shocking the shit out of the deer but no harm. Then the battery recharges the capacitor. My vegetable garden didn't even get one nibble this year and they usually keep my peas mowed down.
One thing that i have found that they hate and allways works (mothballs) i know sounds crazey but it does work.I have got 14 years in the corn fealds of ohio trying everything that i could every year mothballs is the onley thing that has worked every time.The trick is make shure to keep them at least fore feet away from the plants or crop because they will kill them.The best way is to grab a hand full close to your crop adn give them a good toss and do this all the way around juet make a big circle all the way aronnd.Trust me give it one try and ase long as you got them not to close to them but not to far you will never see a dear around your stuff agen.
*shakes head* seriously? I think that urinating is certainly funny to watch someone else do, but I don't know if that really helps protect a grow.

Anti-deer stuff does, like the stuff hunters use, but eh, I would just look inot growing in places where deers don't hang out...if there are places...

I guess I've just never heard of deers eating weed, but eh, learn something new everyday :hookah:

man I've seen it all.... wont urine attract other critters though? I find fencing is the absolute BEST method for deer

I agree this is funny. Picture a stoner walking into your local Dollar Tree buying 10 boxes of mothballs. (Cash only because big brother is watching LOL.) Then walking around his garden going ha ha little deers I'll show you!

Problem One: Massive rain washes naphthalene (the stuff moth balls are made of) into you garden and things get poisoned. (FYI Moth crystals are made from paradichlorobenzene (PDB), which is considered more toxic than naphthalene.)

Problem Two: Mothballs are going to soak into the soil and kill all your invertebrates that are great for and important for composting and soil aeration.

Problem Three: Deer are going to walk right over your stinky mothballs after about two weeks. They learn that it just stinks and there is no danger. It would work long term only if they began to associate the smell of moth balls with humans. Really long term they will realize that you mean them no harm (like the doe who I watched empty my bird feeders before I put a corn feeder out for her 20 feet of my back deck. She watches me as I puff away :blunt:on the back porch not giving a damn).

Like I stated before. Hard fence no less than 6 ft or hillbilly electric fence. On that I did make an "improvement" to my fence in that I switched to a High Amperage battery from a diesel truck. They hold a charge longer and recharge the capacitors faster. Also for those of you growing out in the boonies, mix up some round-up extended control and spray it under your electric fence to keep weeds from growing up and grounding the fence till your battery is dead.
I said it a few times and I'll say it again... LIQUID FENCE. It comes w/a 100% money back, no questions asked!
I currently use it, I have a bachelor party of 5 or 6 bucks and many whore doe' in my yard every night... they have torn my roses and other flowers to hell but, 50' away... they have never touched my plants!
I don't have fences, electric or otherwise, the bottle I have cost me about $20 USD and that has lasted the entire OD season and I will have lots left over.
Why didn't I use it on my flowers you might be thinking... the only way to tell if the spray worked was to leave some stuff that I know they like untreated.
After they did the damage and I saw the results I was hoping for, I treated the roses/flowers and haven't had any more troubles w/the deer.
I recommend this product and will be using it again in the future if needed!
Here is the link if any are interested:
Liquid Fence

Greetz from So. Oreganja :blunt:
I have grown on and off for forty years. The best way to keep wildlife away is Putrescent egg.
1 egg, 1 gallon water, scramble egg in a pint of the water. Add to the rest of the water and put in a sprayer.
Let it set for a few days in the sun if possible. Spray it on the plants during veg cycle.
Just a little during flower cycle. Don't get the buds wet (mold).This is the main ingredient in commercial products. Respray after it rains or a real heavy dew. Yes it smells like something dead.
Will not affect your end product. :thumb:
I use one inch galvanized poultry netting, as it's called. It's a kind of chicken wire fencing sold in rolls at Home Depot, and is plenty sturdy enough to keep deer and moose off my plants. A four foot tall, 13 foot long piece can be folded up small, and fit into a day pack. I use nearby trees, sticks, rocks etc, from the site to support it, although it's stiff enough to support itself. I spray paint it black, green and brown, to take the shine off and camouflage it.
My father once told me to use some fishing line or string to tie a bar of soap from some near by tree as the smell would make them go for the soap.
I don't have deer where I'm at but I do know that animals won't scare off when they figure out something is harmless. I just now thought of the idea so I don't have the details to make it but what if someone made a spring loaded device and buried it under some leaves. When the deer steps on the trigger, it jumps up suddenly. Deer are color blind but can see the brightness of flourecent colors so paint it with that. Also tie a string of cans, perhaps with some marbles in them to it to add a startling sound to it. An added advantage of using this system is they will leave behind some fertilizer as they scatter and run for their lives. lol.
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