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I think I read too much


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Im still in the reading stage, and aquiring equipment.......

I read as often as a can.... i had a dream, my plants were brown, dried up, and to boot, when u cracked open the bud.........Yup, mold!!!!!!!!! Good grief


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Hi guys, I’ve been farming since I was a younker,mom and dad had a roadside stand. ( seasonal ) and I would restock, and harvest Jersey tomatoes, corn, green beans, apples, and more.......... it’s easy to grow this s*#t it’s just a steep learning curve, ph rules ! 6.5 in soil,And good watering habits, let them dry out. ( drainage )
Make for a success grow. Lights? How much u can afford? Everyone has a opinion on this good luck.
Growers Luv.


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Hi guys
Its a weed its easy to grow
Experiment is the only way to learn
I started with fluorescent lights used for my pepper seedlings and tomatoes andcgrew some small plants in soiless mix good strong bud
Then progressed to bigger hps lights and larger pots
Still grow in soiless mix and have good success and use basic nutrients
Give it a try and experiment like everything else u do in life
Good luck on your adventure :D:thumb:


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At some point in time reading more is only going to make things worse. You may be there already LMAO.

Don't get me wrong. It takes a while to find the right equipment. Research is the most important thing for that. Read everything that is out there will give you ideas of how to do things better. Thing is you can't do it better till you start. Lots of times people have more info than they need. They want to grow the best weed ever before they grow their first plant. It is always going to be the best weed you ever grew so why not start now.

As was mentioned PH is pretty high on the list. Other than that all you really need is seed, soil, food, and light. Reading is good but nothing beats DOING. Experience will teach you more than other people will.
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