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Since Cannabis seems to have such a multi purpose way about it. Would a person that has always used this plant in different ways though out his or her life. Never be aware of what this plant is doing for him physically and mentally. Or is it tailoring itself to the needs of the Individual that uses it. Since it seems to have such different effect on people, and whenever we try to explain it. It's one of those things you just can't explain with any real clarity because it changes all the time. :peace:



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well if you kinda think of it everyones body is diffrent so i guess to the individual, they get their own type of med, high, or pain relif in their own way.

i am native ameercain (cherokee) they used it for spritual guidance, rituals, and for medication.

fun fact: some religions belive that when the "three kings " visted "christ" as a baby , they were baring gifts, witch one of the gifts some think was a cannabis plant

but the rest is just my opnion :tokin:
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