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I'm finally starting! (first grow, hydro-grow cabinet)


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I'm very excited to say that I'm ready to start my first grow! I decided to buy a grow closet from Super Closet. I know this was en expensive way of starting. I've read a bunch of journals and seen a lot of home-configurations-on-a-budget; everything went great for them. So... I get that. However, tax return. So I thought I would share what I have going on.

I have to start of by saying how great their customer service is. They have been very helpful answering all questions regarding the closet. I ordered the LED Superstar. It only took a couple weeks for it to be built and shipped to my house so the turn-over time is very quick. It came very discreetly and secure too. There's a little assembly required but the included DVD explains everything. I also opted for the TechnaFlora Nutrient Super Pack, the Total Germination Pack, and the CO2 augmentation. The grow closet allows for a complete and continuous hydro-grow cycle from start to finish to restarting again.

I ordered seed from AliBongo.com. Their site does look a little sketch but I couldn't be happier ordering from then and I will do so in the future. They pull from a bunch of other seed banks and discreetly ship anywhere in the US (I'm in the US so that's all I was really concerned with. I'm not sure but I think they ship worldwide.). They were quick to respond to my order and everything got to me in a very timely manner.

The seed strains I got are: Girl Scout Cookies (fem), Northern Lights #5 x Haze (fem), Amnesia Haze (fem), Chronic Thunder (fem), Royal Cheese Auto flowering (fem), THC Bomb (reg), and Cotton Candy (unknown). I meant to go with all feminized seeds. I accidentally ordered the regular version of THC Bomb so I guess I might have to sex them? The Royal Cheese Auto was a free seed from one of the banks that AliBongo ordered from so that was just a nice surprise. I'll get to test an auto flower as well. The Cotton Candy were also free bonus seeds but their packaging doesn't specify sex so I'm going to assume they are regular.

I have organic soup and neem oil to help with pests. I don't remember where I read to use those but I remember reading that it was a good alternative instead of using ladybugs so I thought I'd give that a try as well. I'm definitely going to do a journal with this. Hopefully it can help and inform others, whether this method is a success or a failure. Feedback and idea sharing is always a plus as well.


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Good for you! I did the same thing but got them to customize it some and am waiting on the box. Let me know how you like it and please post pics. Happy growing.
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