Is amount of direct sunlight more important during veg or flower for an outdoor grow?


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I gave a friend some clones. He's worried about his neighbors seeing his plants in his back yard patio. He will be able to have the plants out in full sun for as long as possible for the next couple of weeks or so while they are technically still vegging because they will be too small for his neighbors to really tell what they are from their upstairs window. But once they stretch and start to flower, he thinks he needs to move them to a side of his yard where they will only get direct morning sun till about noon or so. They will still be getting indirect, bright sunlight until sundown. Will it make a big difference in his yield?

Even though it's legal to grow recreationally here in Denver CO. They have to technically be in a locked, inclosed space from all sides including the top and not visible or accessible to kids. So it's technically illegal to grow outside, even in a locked backyard which is stupid.
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