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LST'd Kerala Krush indoor/outdoor grow


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My Son gave me some free Kerala Krush seeds from Herbies,so after 40 years off I decided to try growing again.
Didn't have much room so I made a ghetto 22"x22"x24"high CFL grow box(x7 /100w equivalent Daylight and Warm White bulbs),and started LST from day 2 after germination-seems to have worked OK,kept her short with ample buddage.
She lives in the box on cloudy days,and outside on sunny days(the switch doesn't bother her a bit).
Never topped,fimmed ,supercropped or defoliated,just let her "do her thing"with the help of a little low stress training....

Here she is @ 1 month:

2-1/2 months/2 weeks since 12/12

3-1/2 months

Current pic,4-1/2 months,9 inches tall(shoulda used a taller box!)The bud on the right would be the main cola if she were vertical....

I figure a month to go,for a total of 22 weeks-patience is definitely required for this strain(85% Sativa/15% Indica)

I've got about 3" of grow height left in the box,so it should work out fine-she's actually growing fatter instead of taller anyway.
The same son also gave me some feminized Blue Mystic and LSD seeds,they're for my outdoor grow,which should commence in about a month(about the time the Kerala is "ripe")They will also be LST'd,since it really boosts the bud count,and keeps them as short as you want them to be.
So that's my story so far-I'm pretty much a noob right now,but that will change with time....

Thanks everyone for all the good info on this Forum-answered a lot of questions for me!


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Thanks,guys- The fan leaves just started yellowing yesterday,so I'm pretty sure she's about "ripe",but there are almost no amber trichs-all cloudy,which is ok with me,I'm thinking if there's going to be any amber,they should be showing this late in the game,but I've read that some heavy Sativa's don't show much amber,ever.
She's got about a week and a half to go before(tentative) harvest time,so maybe a bit more amber will show-seems like it should,at 22 weeks from seed (13 weeks in flower).
I guess time will tell-no real hurry,but she may die of "natural causes" before the trichs look right.....


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Update-Looks like harvest time has been pushed back a bit-She started growing taller again(after about ten days of "fattening") So she's about 10-1/4"tall now,from 9 inches a week or so ago.
I've only got about an inch and a half of headroom left in the "ghetto grow box",so I may have to make the box a bit taller(cardboard and ductape) if she keeps this shit up-can't do anymore LST because the stems are too thick,not alot of "bend" in them.
I'll figure something out,gonna let her grow as long as she wants to...
Hard to tell from the pix,but there's a lot of bud there,they're all 5 or 6 inches long,most are about as big around as my wrist...there's 16 of them


The red wires are "crutches" to support the buds-



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Great job, it looks impressive. I've been growing the same strain last year outdoor, but it didn't cope well with my October humidity, so I lost a lot of bud due to mold. What I saved though was a great daytime sativa smoke wit just a touch of skunkiness, which I like a lot.


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Well,just couldn't wait any longer,so Saturday was harvest day-not too for a 10.5" plant,but after trimming,the buds weren't as big as I thought,but there IS quite a few of them....
324 grams of wet bud,so I figure apx.2.5 oz. after drying and curing-I'll have a smoke report after curing.
13 weeks flowering,probably could have gone a few more-pretty much all trichs were cloudy,with a few amber scattered around.
Anyway,that's it for this one!



The "crop"


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Hi Carcass

I am very impressed about your result with LST box.
I am a very new beginner to growing marijuana. I read about LST on the web, but your way is fresh new for me.

Can you tell me:
1. How did you set up the small ghetto box, maybe with pics?
2. How is the soil composition? Did you add any fertilizer during veg and flower stages?
3. Did you use normal energy saver CFL?

Many thanks for your help and sorry for bad english.




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The smoke was "alright"-nothing to write home about,though-I think another,"frostier" strain would have worked out a lot better.
As you can tell from the pix,Kerala is not big on trichomes,so the smoke was a nice,"up" Sativa buzz,but it takes 4 or 5 hits to get there.
I'll post up some pix of the "ghetto box" later today,and yes they were regular,Home Depot CFL's,the soil was Supersoil,Worm Castings,Vermiculite and sand,and Nutes were Miracle Gro General purpose,and Bloom Booster when it started flowering.(seems to work ok,and works with my lo-budget)
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