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Making the switch from soil to DWC


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I just used a tub for my 2 plant first grow that the water level is around 7 gallons and have been very happy with it. Big returns in a pretty small 2 plant setup. I really do like that I don't have to ph and monitor multiple buckets. I have 2 clones in 5 gallon buckets and the lids, even with a lid opener tool are a big pita.
Lots of ways to do it. Don't forget if you use RO water in DWC that you will want to run full strength calmag since there is nothing in the water to start. Take a look at my journal below if you want to get a look at a 2x4 tent that is maxed out with 2 plants and 1 tub.


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Good on ya for taking the plunge mate. It's a lot of info to take in but just don't overthink things and youll be sound. The following the ppm thing that nobody seems to have really answered is..

Ppm is the strength of the nutes, I follow this number to the dot. Over obsessed about it at the start so it's second nature now lol. You certainly don't have to be obsessive about it but once it clicks it's easy and youll get the best results and least amount of problems.
The idea is to try keep that ppm number steady. If it goes up then the plant is absorbing less nutes than what is in the water so the res is becoming stronger.
If the number drops the plant is absorbing more nutes than are in the water so the res is becoming weaker.
If you can keep that number steady, or dropping just slightly then the feed strength is spot on and the plant has free will to absorb what it wants, when it wants. You won't have to change the res as often as it will stay more balanced and you'll never run into problems any more significant than the odd leave going slightly yellow.
It will also keep the ph behaving correctly so you'll need to adjust that much less often.
Ph should rise slowly during veg then drop slowly during bloom. To make life easy you go in at 5.8 for veg and 6.3 for bloom that gives you a decent range to allow it to shift without adjustment and gives youre plant the best range to absorb everything . Once it hits 5.5 or 6.5 you'll start to see nutrients being locked out. The world wont end if ph goes out for a while but best to keep it in range.
Feed requirements to keep it all steady are roughly 100ppm per week of veg. Not an exact science but assuming it's growing pretty well it's about that. Jumps a bit once they get bigger.
Week 1 100ppm plus your water.
Week 4 400ppm plus your water.
They go a bit mental at week 6ish cos they're now massive so things can get a bit unpredictable from that point lol.
Save shit loads on nutes if you feed them like that too cos you'll waste literally next to nothing.
It's worth trying to master it. Cuts the chances of an endless list of dramas.


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Here's what I got out of my first hydro, I'm pretty happy with how it came out! Pulled it out of the tent and chopped it down tonight! I'm ok with the fact I skipped soil and went straight to hydro!

View attachment 1742786View attachment 1742787View attachment 1742788View attachment 1742789
And that was your first plant as a half clueless noob mate. Wait till you see the size of your next one. Here's my second plant from a couple years back, We've got a similar growing style


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Hey Barney! Thanks for the very informative response that was really insightful. I'm realizing now that on top of getting a ppm meter I'm going to have to get a new pH meter b/c I bought one of those cheap $10 yellow ones and I feel like this is the reason my current grow is having so many issues. I bought calibrating powders that I have to mix myself that I used to calibrate it. Maybe I should've just gone with the pre-made liquid stuff instead... but I feel like my pen is not accurate.

That's one plant? Holy cow haha that thing is a beast. How much did she end up yielding?


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Youre welcome mate. Its the easiest way i can think to explain how to grow hydro. Follow the ppm and problems are extremely rare.i got 22oz from her, 5oz was a bit cheeky but still went, not bad for an auto. Yeah the yellow ph pens are useless. I went through 4 before I finallly bit the bullet and spent 50 quid on a decent one from essentials. Can use bottled water to check the accuracy of your meters too. The ph and ppm numbers are printed on most big brands.
Don't skimp on that air pump iether. Spend a bit of cash and get a propper one. Can't recommend unfortunately cause I'm nft which is similar but no air pump. More air means bigger plant though.


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Was an auto mate. 19/5 from seed all the way and took 110 days. Takes 6-7 weeks veg for me to get photos that size though. Was just 2 cheapy mars 600 first model blurples for her. 500w together. She's a tiddler in the big sea though mate. Wouldn't do well in a gunfight round here. Journalled it elsewhere but having a break from that one. Place ends up taking over my life lol. Not been on this forum long but if you really want to do well find someone who can Dwc scrogg like a boss and check their journals out. A decent scrogger can kick my ass all over the place. Pretty hard to outyield those guys.
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