Mono's Super Iced Grapefruit - Closet Grow

High Guys, this is my first ever indoor grow. I have experimented a little outside before but had no such luck in Sunny Scotland. Here is a little background information on what I will be doing :-

What strain is it? Super Iced Grapefruit from Feminised Seeds Company. Genetics- Diesel x Chronic x Skunk #1
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Mainly Indica, not sure of percentages
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Third week of Flowering
Soil or Hydro? Soil - Canna Terra Professional
If soil... What size pot? 10 Liter - 2.5Gallon
Size Of Light? 350 Actual Watts of CFL
Type and strength of ferts used? Canna Terra Vega for Veging and Canna Terra Flores for flowering. Both being used at half strength (1ml / Liter). Fed every Second watering. Watering when Dry

Okay so now we have a bit of information on the strain and setup we may as well get started. :roorrip:


Things began with germinating the 5 seeds by soaking them in a glass of distilled water over night before placing them in a moist paper towel under the radiator. By the next morning 4 of the 5 seeds had sprouted a little white root and since I was keen to get things moving as soon as possible I opted to put them straight into their peat blocks and if the 5th one was going to germinate it could do it in there.


By the 01/November/2012 the 4 seeds that had successfully germinated had broken ground.By this time I had made the decision to abandon the 5th seed and concentrate on the other 4. Realistically I wouldn't have the space for a 5th anyway but more on that later.

Since I had read a lot of information on this strain having an extensive, quick developing root system I decided it would work out best to place them straight into their 10 liter pots so the roots can grow to their full potential at their own pace. Plus it will take away any stress associated with transplanting. (to be honest i also couldn't be bothered to have to transplant them in any case) :joint:



So after their initial watering into their final pots the plants were left under 18 hours of light for the next three days before they were ready for their first proper watering. At this point the first set of true leaves were showing.


At day 9 the plants were looking a little nitrogen deficient so it was time for their first quarter strength feed. By this point I had got fan speed and temps fully adjusted and a few days later the plants just exploded.


By the 14th of November 2012 The plants were well and truly ready for their next feed, this time I upped their dosage to half recommended strength (1ml / liter). I also began some gentle low stress training as height is not massive in my grow area (probably around 3 ft) And obviously with using CFL's it was practically a necesity. Glad to say, I couldn't have been more pleased with the result. :peace:

By the beginning of the third week the plants were being watered daily and being fed at half recommended dose every second day. The rate of growth was rapid, about 1.5 inches a day. The low stress training was working wonders at controlling their height but unfortunately I was also running out of horizontal space.


On the 27th Of November 2012 I decided it was time to flip the lights to 12/12 and let the girls flower since a few days earlier all four were displaying beautiful female pre-flowers. (To be expected with feminized seeds) :grinjoint:



During the first two weeks of flowering, I increased the low stress training and started them off on their first flowering feed. Once again starting at quarter the manufacturers recommended dosage and slowly increasing it to half dose. (1ml/liter). They responded better than I thought they would, needing watered every second day and being fed well every 4th day.


We are now up to pace. (finally) The grow is now entering the third week of flowering of a possible 9 weeks. Everything is moving along nice and smoothly. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading so far and maybe some of you will even stick it out to the end.


:peace: Mono
Subbed and watching been interested in the iced variety of strains and also like the LST that's going on thinking about trying that soon myself for another grow

Cheers Buddy, the low stress training is really working wonders on this grow. especially with me only using CFL's. And I'm not too sure what the difference is in the iced version of strains compared to the originals. Glad to have you along :peace:
Okay, so it's now Day 18 of flowering and everything is coming along nicely. The feeding and watering schedule has remained exactly the same. I did a bit more low stress training yesterday to further combat the height issue. During this I managed to fold a stem over. Thankfully it didn't snap at all... I taped up with electrical tape and after the 12 hours of lights out it had righted itself again. I should be able to release it today and hope it continues to grow strong.

Buds are developing very nicely although on one of the plants they appear to be around three or four days ahead of the others. Not sure really although this plant has been the most vigorous from the start. Starting to get nice and frost on the bud leaves when viewed under a 40x magnifying scope.

So in all, all is well. I will upload some pics later on today.

:peace: Mono
Have been noticing the light penetration issues you get with using cfl's, so I have had a look around the internet for some decent set ups that wont cost me too much money. (don't want to sink too much cash into it until I get the basics dialed.)

I have decided I will continue to use cfl's for vegging as they seem to have given some fairly decent results. So, The question is, for flowering would a 400 watt HPS light be any use in a tent 120cm x 120cm x 200cm ?
looks amazing. questions... for the beginning did you got straight to 18/6 or did u start 24/0 light cycle? also with the peat pot did you remove the net or keep it on for the transplant? cant wait to get my hands on a decent strain after this grow. looking forward to wonder woman for my second.
looks amazing. questions... for the beginning did you got straight to 18/6 or did u start 24/0 light cycle? also with the peat pot did you remove the net or keep it on for the transplant? cant wait to get my hands on a decent strain after this grow. looking forward to wonder woman for my second.

I started from seed at 18/6 seems to be the most all round for a plant. Just like building a house, plenty of time too build (day) but still needs new materials brought in (night). As for the peat pot I just left the seedling in there, the roots happily grow out the side of it and carry on as normal. Just stops clumsy stoned hands messing up the root system.

Thanks for dropping by, Will be keeping an eye on your grow, hope all goes well for you. :peace::Namaste:
Well It's been a while since I've been on with it being the festive season and all that. I hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic Christmas :hookah:

Everything has been going smoothly for the past week or so. Feeding and watering have remained the same although I have upped the fertilizer dosage from 1ml/liter to 1.25ml/Liter. A little early to know the results however growth seems to have sped up slightly. (I managed to get a slight burn on a leaf tip from it touching a cfl for too long.)

Here is a picture of all the plants.


So we are now on half way through week four of flowering. Day 26 of a possible 63. The buds are developing very well and evenly although there is one plant that seems to be a few days behind. Incidentally this is the one I managed to bend the stem on so I am guessing the stress may have slowed her down a little.

Here are a few bud shots as of this morning.


Hope everyone has a green and happy Christmas. Be safe :peace:
So the lights have just went off on the 27th day since the switch to 12/12. The increased feeding seems to be having a good effect. They are due their next watering in the morning. (Their Christmas present on the day) I will post some more pics and another update after Christmas day.

I have been considering increasing the feed strength further still to 2ml/liter, which is still less than half the recommended dosage (Canna recommends 5ml/Liter). However I am unsure if this will have any benefits to the plants given they are already a third of the way through flowering and everything seems to be going well.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the Canna line of nutes specifically? Or any input on increasing the feed strength in general?

:thanks: :peace:
Hi Guys, have not been on for a while since it was the Christmas and new year period. Speaking of which, happy new year to all.

The plants have continued to grow at a steady rate over the past week or so. We are now on day 38 since switching to 12/12. So that's 38 days out of a possible 63, still lots of grow time left. I am pleasantly surprised at the bud size given this is a cfl grow.

I have upped the feed strength to 2ml/liter, which is still less than the manufacturers recommended dosage but twice as strong as they were used too. The plants have taken to this very well, no signs of over fertilization.

The larger fan leaves are beginning to yellow and drop off due to the lack of nitrogen, this is hopefully to be expected and is allowing more light to the lower bud sites which are beginning to swell very nicely.

All buds are extremely frosty with the single exception of the one plant that seems to be around a week or so behind the others. Not sure why, but I will just carry on and allow it to grow at it's own pace, no need to rush.

I must admit it is very hard resisting the temptation to chop them down now and take a few bong hits ahhhh!!!

I will upload some pictures very shortly as soon as the missis uploads them to the laptop for me LOL.

Unfortunately my internet has been down for the past couple of months. Darn Scottish winter. The ladies carried on and were harvested just before the end of their 9th flowering week.

The smell of grapefruit was strong by this point. Final dry weight was 4.6 ounces, so just over an ounce per plant, very chuffed for a CFL grow.

Smoke was a fruity, hashy taste with a long lasting body stone, great pain relief. Very good for a long night in front of the television.

This journal can now be moved to completed :)

Thanks for sharing your grow with us!
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HI Mono. Read with interest (and admiration) your posts on Super Iced Grapefruit. A quick question, if you have a moment. How tall did they grow? I am thinking of doing my next grow with these, and it is likely I might have to 'Screen of Green' them as I have a bit of a restriction on vertical space. Cheers fella!
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