Mono's Perpetual Soil

Well Well.

To give the people what they want, I have a shed load of pics uploading as we speak! :high-five:

Flushed the remaining Pineapple Chunk this afternoon, her second heavy flush in a week. The reason being, she has began to turn her trichs from clear to milky. Will be looking to harvest her in around a week or so, as soon as we see some amber being produced she will go into a cupboard for 24 hours of darkness before the chop.

I am also going to be having a bash at the bud washing I have seen others trying with great results It should be very interesting to see just how many dog hairs the buds have managed to gather of the last couple of months.

So we are now on Day 46 of flowering That should see the pineapple chunk hitting exactly 8 weeks of bloom at harvest time and around 10 weeks on 12/12. A very fruity smelling strain, pleasing appearance. Leaves a little to be desired yield wise by the looks of things, but should be some great smoke :)

The Sativa Heavy Girl, White Widow x Skunk #1 isn't showing any signs of slowing up at all, she is still pushing out loads of new hairs every day. Buds are continuing to get larger and larger, without any fox tailing. A gentle squeeze reveals super hard dense buds. :bong: Want to get the harvest spot on for her, looking at another three weeks of 12/12 I would have guessed, could be longer. Or potentially less since she seems to have some sort of burn, causing dying fan leaves (the ones that are left anyway). I flushed her a couple of days ago, using un-pH'd tap water. All the extra goodies in there, coupled with the loss of all the excess salts has seen her looking a whole lot better today.

I will use the clone of the WW x Skunk #1 as a test run for the big girl come harvest time. A smoke test of the clone should help determine peak harvest time, without reducing yield on the main plant.


Sage N Sours - Coming along leaps and bounds. Flushed all of the rubbish out of them a couple of days ago too, in anticipation of a harvest in a couple of weeks. Today it appears they have started putting out new hairs again, along with the beginnings of some fox tailing. Contemplating giving them a little N-P-K feed at about 1/4 strength to give them all they need to keep bulking up, then maybe another healthy flush at the end of week 8 to clean them up again.

Unfortunatley, since I used defoliation heavily on these plants, I may need to consider nutrients since I can't rely on the fans to supply the last load of food. Decisions, Decisions, what do you guys think? A little feed at 1/4 strength, or no feed? Don't want to leave them without enough to produce the best they can, also don't want to over feed them and have harsh buds.

Anyway, What a rant!

Pics to come guys, :thanks: for stopping buy :)

Beautiful garden Mono :Namaste: Your girls are looking amazingly stinky!! :high-five: :bravo:

Thank you for the kind Words, CA! I'm super glad the carbon filter is going this round. They seem to be some super stinky strains. Did you notice a really strong smell from the SAGES? They seem to be overpowering the others at the moment.

Can't wait for harvest day to stink out the whole street haha

Mono my buddy :) Fooookin awesome indeedie my friend! +reps to you for stonking buds.

Hey LA! Thanks Buddy!

The back building seems to be working wonders on these buds! I think it may even be helping with yield, certainly in the case of the buds which were growing thin and stretchy!
hey there Mono!

thought i'd stop in after a long hiatus from 420magazine... a bit late but better late than never i reckon! :) stupendous colas dude! always a pleasure to look at a sea of big buds like that :D well done mate! :welldone: beautiful photos too bro! i miss my old camera- bloody kids SMH loL

truly inspirational.. keep up the green work mate+reps 100%


Hey Alkhemist buddy! Glad to see you back around 420! Hope all is well in your world!

Thank you for the kind words matey! And the reps :)


Wow Mono when does the next class start ?

That is some seriously awesome medicine you got going there.

Now I got me an HPS, I could do with some coaching on what to do with it hehe

Well done my friend, you're certainly a dude to watch.
Wow Mono when does the next class start ?

That is some seriously awesome medicine you got going there.

Now I got me an HPS, I could do with some coaching on what to do with it hehe

Well done my friend, you're certainly a dude to watch.

Thank you very much buddy!

Really glad to have got to this stage, nearly killed everything when transplanting from the 10 litre deep pots to the 24 litre tubs, lost nearly half the root system on some of them and had to chop them back to just a few leaves.

Harvest day is looming within the month! Then a house move before bigger and better things :)

Stay safe buddy!

Wooo Hooo :) Mate, honestly, I was feeling a bit pissed with life today.......then I saw your pics :) B nails ARMY of big, fat, frosty colas...GUARANTEED to make me smile :) +reps buddy :)
dude.... my eyes are seriously watering with tears of joy loL! holy shit bro, u got it, dialed in like a pro :bravo: those are some beautiful beautiful plants & photos!

i hear ya with the choice of more PnK to bolster the final growth spurt especially, like you say, because you've heavily defoliated.. that's the thing with wanting to take them to their limit.. right up to that last moment before harvest. if you do decide on boosting them with nutes i'd be keen to hear if you notice a more pronounced fox tailing or if it lessens.

i'd be keen to hear what you think of the bud washing too, i've heard good things from the doc and canna etc.. but i'm gonna want to hear as much good review on that before i decide to try it loL

wish i could give ya more than just 1 rep point :]
+reps dude
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