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BB's Crosspond Growing Pains - The Recovery

Brassic Brit

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Hello and a Very Warm Welcome to You All

First up I can't go into explicit details of my disappearance these last few months. Lets just say I had a few

issues to deal with. Everything sorted now, so we're safe to start a new chapter.

So how did things turn out ?

Well nothing stopped in the greater scheme of things but Mother Nature sure kicked my butt this fine summer.

For all my very limited knowledge in the field of indoor growing, when the heat went up my results came crashing

down. An unusual lengthy period of relentless hot weather got me beat, as temps in the tents soared to a daily

average of 35 C or 95 F. Over 5 to 6 weeks, caused my plants to suffer somewhat.

So where next ? Well we take it on the chin, learn and move on.

Below are a couple of shots of the poor girls in tent #1

I've not been able to record much else during my time away. As we get up to speed, I hope we can move on to a

new beginning. Grab your seats Guys n Gals, BB is back !



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:cheer: Good to see you back, BB

Great title!

Try the new vape? :volcano-smiley:

Brassic Brit

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You know I'm :popcorn: Brit...

Brassic Brit

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Happy to see ya Brit! Subbed!! :blunt::popcorn:
Thank You MM, great to see you here.

You know I'm :popcorn: Brit...
Welcome Reg, my very good friend.

Another BB grow, I'm in. Welcome back! I went on furlogh myself for a few months.
Happy Recovery.
Well it's great that were both back here CC.

Welcome back BB :bravo::cheer:

You've been missed, thanks for the invite

I'll just sit over here and enjoy the show :popcorn:

I used to have an open mind

But my brains kept falling out
Brilliant humor Bluefly (as Trichster pointed out) LMAO, Welcome my friend.

Im here brassic.....

Glad your back fella

Good luck dude
Thank You BW, great to have you around. Need to catch up with you soon.

Brassic Brit

New Member
:ciao: BB have a great day. I still think about the snails with slugs, having an orgy on your poor plant.

Did the snugs eat your entire back yard?:peace:
We'll cover those stories soon Trichster. Yeah they killed the plant !
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