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Mota! Mota!


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So today i have some Locally grown indoor my buddy grew, i forget what cross he said it was but i do know it needs to dry a bit more (the stems dont even want to snap). I also have some G13 x Northern Lights from out of the Bay, super dense and covered with crystals.

The stuff on the left is the local indoor, and the nugs on the right are the G13 cross. :smoke2:
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One Three

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Lol I like the visine in the back.

The local could of been trimmed a bit better but nice pickup!


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Looks like some good dank bro. If the stems don't snap off yet, then yeah just dry it some more, I'm guessing you can probably cure it a bit longer too. Enjoy all that weed man cuz I know I would!


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i'm so jealous. i can barely find 1 kind and you have two, ALWAYS.
i think i said this to you before " i wish i lived next door to you" :3:


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Very nice. I usually keep two or three different kinds. I like the variety. Looks like someone else does to.
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