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My First AK-47 Grow


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sorry not be on last few weeks i will be updateing tomrrow with some new pics i think my baby have about 3 weeks left but for some reson they dont smell yet.

So wheres this pic update?? lol i'm still paying attention to your grow!

I Wanna see how your AK's turn out man. Mine didn't start to really stink till about the end of week 6. though its funny my cured bud doesn't stink too bad, and the smoke is real smooth yet strong.


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I`d love to see some new pics as I have AK47 in 2nd week of flower and have all kinds of colas on em. just waiting for them to get a lil bigger b4 I post mine again not sure how to put my grow into permalink yet but I have pics of mine from 6 weeks on. yours are looking great mirking cant wait to see final product as the waiting does seem like forever but i look at it like good things come to those who wait.will be checkin in from now on


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I havent been around here in a few weeks and i hope everythings doing ok on your end bud! those AKs should get to stinking soon though dont worry about that just yet and even if not they will once u jar em


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Hi guys thanks for waiting lol here are the long awaited pics lol








let me no what you think guys. one thing when do you thinkk i neeed to start to fluse my babys.


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Great pics bud your AK's really kickin ass now. its gettin close to that time to chop. i cant wait, wanna see how these things look dried and cured


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glad you came back around i was wonderign about you. its ok at least you dropped in to give us an update on them. your chopping in 2 weeks huh? i hope you give us lots of pics of the harvest! good luck i hope everything goes well till then


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Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks AK47 is one ugly plant in flower, but man I love the product...

Not making reference to your grow specifically my friend. It does appear you suffered a big cal/mag issue there.

Great Haul.... Harvest is the reason for it all
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