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My first time growing and here is my setup but a couple questions


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Hello all. This is my first time growing and my first post to the site. I am using feminized autoflower seeds and using this hydro set up with the LED light that hangs above the base unit. I've watched a decent amount of videos and have written down my own simple instructions to grow. Tell me if the steps are sounding alright so far, and also, my question is:

"How do I keep my plants growing and producing while staying relatively small, even as small as 2 feet? I've seen some "bonzai" type looking plants that were flowering and would like to achieve the same success."

1.) fill planter pots with clay pellets and add vermiculite on top, in a sort of "mound" formation.
*Fill any pots you're not using with rocks or cover holes with duct tape to block out some light.
(helps the plants you're actually growing)

2.) press tip of finger into top of mound and place seed inside then cover with top of vermiculite and clear DOME.

3.) fill water level to 6 liters.
you never have to change the water but test ph level occasionally.
*You can add 1 tbsn. of nutrients (skunkwerks suggested) to the water once a week

4.) set both light and hydro systems to "grow" mode.
now wait forever ;)

5.) when the plant is about 18 inches high, it is starting to flower, so set both light and hydro systems to "flower" mode.

6.) trim or bend as needed during the "grow" and "flower" cycles.

7.) the plant is finished and now you trim your buds and hang the branches to dry, from strings that are tied to a clothes hanger.

8.) put buds into air tight jar and cure (possibly 1-2 weeks?)

How do I keep each plant short like around 2 feet but produce flower?
I will only be growing 1 to 2 plants at a time in this hydro set up i have


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Thanks a bunch! I'll do a search! Can't wait for the seeds to get here. Do you think the picture of my unit I am using is going to work well?
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