Mystic's First Grow: 3 Strains In Cabinet With Soil & LED 2017


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Hi all :battingeyelashes: Been looming around here for a couple months anticipating my first grow. So excited to have 1st stage successful pics to start this off -- owed to all the sharing that goes on in this place. So thank you guys for that right out the gate. Please if any of you have tips, warnings, or any general advice on this grow please don't hesitate to share it here. I'm a total noob, so super open to suggestions :hug:

Parameters though, I'm hoping to keep this as organic as possible. Decisions to be made: Should I use nutes or no? If so which ones to keep it organic? When do I begin LST? Am I gonna go bonsai with this Blue Cheese?

So here we go... :yahoo:

Strain: White Widow Auto Fem, Blue Cheese Auto Fem, Amnesia
Medium: FFOF Soil
Pots: 2 Gal Fabric (247Garden)
Light: 300 W LED
# of plants: 3
Cabinet: 33x16x21''
Light Schedule: 18/6

New arrival (got a new Lemon Haze Mug :)

1 White Widow Auto Fem + 3 Blue Cheese Auto Fem + 1 Free Amnesia

{{Germinated using the paper towel method. Placed them into plastic kitchen storage containers near my radiator. Only using 1 of the Blue Cheese seeds}}

Royal Queen seed in my Queen Bee Cabinet (if you can make out the french scribble :p ) Ahem, but anyway...


The White Widow seed burst through the surface in 2 days. Amnesia in 3 days. And Blue Cheese took a whole entire week. When I germinated the Blue Cheese, I ended up with two sprouts from the one seed. Why? Because I ran out of Fox Farm Soil, it took 2 days to arrive (thank God for Amazon Prime), but that two days resulted in that additional sprout. So... pictures of the twins coming soon.

Here are my babies (gotta squint to see 'em in the middle):

Mega zoom - White Widow isn't playin around :p

More to come... Thanks for checking it out
re: Mystic's First Grow - 3 Strains In Cabinet With Soil & LED 2017

So, that was the start of this grow. To keep it current... Here's the update for Day 19:

We've upgraded to a larger cabinet because the light was too close to the plants in the other one. I never have a problem with a trip to Ikea :bigblush:


The new cabinet dimensions are 28Lx16Wx31H. Added some hooks and a fan for circulation



White Widow was the forerunner for two weeks, but that free Amnesia seed is proving its worth. Looks like it's gained some height over White Widow. (Pictured: Amnesia on left, White Widow on right)


And here we have a comparison between White Widow and the twins. As I mentioned, the Blue Cheese seed germinated 2 days longer than the others because I ran out of soil (oops). It developed 2 distinct sprouts as a result. Growth was slower, and the tiniest "sproutling?" couldnt get free of the seed casing so I wet it over several days then gently nudged the shell off. It now seems to be growing... we will see


Close up of the twins

Was hoping for a drama-free grow, but... eh.... keeps life interesting.

P.S. Soil is dry, watering today on an every-other day schedule. Checking daily with a ph/moisture tester.

Thanks for viewing, please feel free to comment, critique or suggest...
Day 21

I had to go out of town on an overnight trip, so I left my girls in the window where the sun shines full blast for a good bit of the day. Of course I was concerned about removing them from the cabinet with the LED light, and changing the cycle they've been on for weeks (18/6). But... look at this growth....


White Widow has spread open a bit more... (on the right)


And Amnesia has made a giant leap toward the sky haha Look how she reaches :slide: I mean, just scroll up and compare to the photo from two days ago... amazing (Possibly just being an over-excited newbie. But still...)


It almost makes me want to leave them in the window more often. Almost. They clearly appreciate the spaciousness and the view from on high ;)

So I'm wondering at this stage... has anyone played around with natural light + LED as some sort of cycle? My babies started in the window (pushing through the soil) before I put them in the cabinet under the LED. And I've seen people go the window sill route and have success. Obviously I want the best buds, but also trying to do my "plant whisperer" thing" :winkyface:

And should I start the Low Stress Training now? I definitely want to keep them from growing up thru the top of my humble cabinet. Is the stalk strong enough?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by as always :Namaste:
OK, I would leave the twins to grow for now.
I'd be curious as to what it does.
Can always snip it later.
Course I'm only on my 2nd grow and don't know $hit from Shinola. :smokin:
OK, I would leave the twins to grow for now.
I'd be curious as to what it does.
Can always snip it later.
Course I'm only on my 2nd grow and don't know $hit from Shinola. :smokin:

Thanks Snrdscnt. Yeah, I'm curious too. :hmmmm: They're both actually growing just fine.. well the smallest twin is tiny, but its still trying. So we'll see. New pics in a lil bit...
Day 39

Blurry cabinet shot, but you get the idea :;):




This is the one, Blue Cheese, with a dual sprout aka "the twins." The bigger sister is growing healthily...


White widow is eager to flower... close up shot coming shortly.


And Amnesia is still growing tall.


Did some more LST, they're looking all bonsai-ish and cute. We'll see how many bud sites... looking good so far I think :slide: Most recent photos coming tomorrow...

Day 45
Autoflower Micro Grow in Cabinet with LED

Ok, it isn't "tomorrow" but hey...

Here we are... day 45 and I was worried Blue Cheese wouldn't grow :thedoubletake: Granted, I didn't do much lst on Blue Cheese in order to give it full advantage after the setback. It has grown past White Widow and Amnesia with no problem at all. Blue Cheese of course is the one with the twin (dual sprout from one seed). Blue Cheese and Amnesia have some pre-flower action going on. White Widow is still outpacing the rest in terms of development.



As you can see, the tiniest sproutling has stayed small, though she's still trying to grow.









Still have them on a 18/6 light schedule. Watering only when they're thirsty aka when the soil is dry and the leaves look ready for it. I've added a little bit of nutrient... just a tiny bit. And after adding it the first time I added regular water right after. Found this particular nute on Amazon, great reviews... it was suggested that if not in full flower only use a small portion to get great results.

I'm a bit concerned that they're at different stages of flowering. Was hoping for complete synchronicity but... ok, rolling with it. Wondering if I should leave the light on now 24/7. Any opinions on that???

So yeah, all in all, they're coming along nicely :yahoo:

Thanks for reading
Hope all is well in your world.

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