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not sure whats going on could use adive or info.


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so I transplanted both plants into one bigger pot cause they started together and I didn't want to cause massive root damage so its been about a week and im not sure what these brown dot like things are on the leaves any ideas?


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It could possible be a phosphorus deficiency, but I can not tell from the pictures. Could you possibly take closer pic's of the damaged leaves?

Also, two plants in one pot is not a great idea. Because if one has a problem, how can you treat one without treating the other? Also, generally one plant will become dominant and choke the other one out.


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yeah I know when I planted them it was in a terrarium kinda just joking around to see what would happen and they both took off and figured it was best to leave them together then shocking the hell out the plants by trying to separate the roots heres an above picture notice the brown wilted looking areas on the leaves, and this happened after the transplant before they were all good
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